Forest coverage of three North Shelterbelt Project 13.02%– Shandong channel — people’s

The three North Shelterbelt Project area forest coverage rate 13.02%– Shandong channel — newspaper Beijing on 9 October, (reporter Pan Shaojun) held today in Beijing’s three northproject construction work conference revealed: significant progress in the construction of five North Shelterbelt System in China started in 2011. In 5 years, a total investment of 22 billion 860 million yuan, 50 million 986 thousand and 500 acres of afforestation afforestation project construction area, the forest coverage rate increased from 12.4% to 13.02% at the end of 11th Five-Year, total stumpage from 1 billion 390 million cubic meters to 2 billion 98 million cubic meters. The ecological condition of the project area has changed greatly. A number of concentrated contiguous shelter forest bases have been built in the three sandy lands and Loess Plateau of Horqin, Maowusu and Hulun Buir. The focus of governance, ecological conditions in Horqin Sandland showing a continued trend reversal; Hulun Buir sandy desertification area has changed greatly reduced, to reduce the degree of desertification; soil erosion area of 54 thousand square kilometers of new loess plateau, more than 600 small watershed has been years of governance, reduce 4 tons of sediment into the yellow river. Steady development of new ecological industry. According to statistics, three north area of new economic forest area of 2 million 670 thousand hectares, the new production of 12 million tons, the new output value of about 50000000000 yuan, 4 million 330 thousand people depend on the development of characteristic forestry and fruit industry to achieve a stable out of poverty. Around the active introduction and development fruit hazelnut, peony oil, saponin and other emerging forestry industry, initially built a million acres of sacsaoul forest, million acres of hybrid hazelnut and a number of emerging industrial base. Actively develop new services such as forest sightseeing, ecological recuperation, recreation and leisure, 380 million visitors are received annually, and the direct income of tourism reaches 48 billion yuan. Since the end of 13th Five-Year to the "Three North project will strive to complete the afforestation afforestation of 7 million 290 thousand hectares, 667 thousand hectares of degraded forest restoration, the area of soil desertification land, the loss of 70% in three north area of more than 50% can be effectively governance governance, to achieve 80% of the farmland shelterbelts. "People’s Daily" (October 10, 2016 16 Edition) (commissioning editor Zheng Puli and Hu Honglin)

三北防护林工程区森林覆盖率13.02%–山东频道–人民网 本报北京10月9日电 (记者潘少军)今日在京举行的三北防护林体系建设工作会议透露:我国于2011年启动的三北防护林体系建设五期工程取得显著进展。5年来,累计完成投资228.6亿元,造林育林5098.65万亩,工程建设区森林覆盖率由“十一五”期末的12.4%提高到13.02%,活立木总蓄积由13.9亿立方米增加到20.98亿立方米。 工程区生态状况明显改观。初步在科尔沁、毛乌素、呼伦贝尔三大沙地和黄土高原等地建成了一批集中连片的防护林基地。重点治理的科尔沁、毛乌素沙地生态状况呈现出持续向好逆转态势;呼伦贝尔沙地实现了沙化面积缩减、沙化程度减轻的重大转变;黄土高原新增水土流失治理面积5.4万平方公里,600多条小流域得到了治理,年入黄泥沙减少4亿吨左右。 新兴生态产业稳步推进。据统计,三北地区新增经济林面积267万公顷,新增产量1200万吨,新增产值500多亿元,433万人依靠发展特色林果业实现了稳定脱贫。各地积极引种开发大果榛子、油用牡丹、皂角等新兴林业产业,初步建成了百万亩梭梭林、百万亩大果榛子等一批新兴产业基地。积极发展森林观光、生态疗养、游憩休闲等新兴服务业,每年接待游客3.8亿人次,旅游直接收入达480亿元。 自今至“十三五”期末,三北工程建设将力争完成造林育林729万公顷,退化林分修复66.7万公顷,使三北地区50%以上可治理的沙化土地、70%的水土流失面积得到有效治理,80%的农田实现林网化。 《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月10日 16 版) (责编:郑浦丽、胡洪林)相关的主题文章: