Fujian residents to tour the next month can do online endorsement ekdv-273

Fujian residents to tour the next month can do endorsements online the day before, the Provincial Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Bureau officially announced, will be carried out in the province residents to travel visa online next month to receive business. Yesterday, the reporter to Fuzhou City, immigration and other departments to verify the business in December 1st will be officially accepted. According to reports, the main business for the valid pass between Taiwan (certificate must be valid for more than 9 months), the residents of the province for Taiwan tourism endorsement (except the state registration). The specific type of business: (a) province Hukou residents apply to team travel endorsement in the province; (two) Putian, Sanming, Nanping, Ningde city residents in the city districts to apply for the Golden Horse Peng personal travel endorsement; (three) personal travel to Taiwan city has opened (currently Fuzhou, Xiamen Quanzhou, Longyan, Zhangzhou, Pingtan), residents of the household registration, apply to personal travel endorsement in the city. Responsible person pointed out that our province residents who meet the above conditions, you can log in Fujian Province Public Security Bureau immigration online service hall "website, click on the" between Taiwan tourism endorsement "program, according to the prompts to apply for. The charging standard for 20 yuan, an effective endorsement (time). The process can be selected in two ways. (a) choose the postal express: two-way website login for "Notice of postal courier door-to-door, postal courier forensics and payment documents will be submitted to the immigration window, after the production of documents delivery to the designated address; (two) the selection window to forensics: website login for" their documents submitted to the city exit the window in the window to receive the card and payment. (Strait Metropolis Daily (micro-blog) reporter Jiang Fangfang)相关的主题文章: