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Gao Lu Zhai Tianlin "cooperation and cherish" Biao play the same stage fight acting – Sohu entertainment Gao Lu Zhai Tian Lin first cooperation Sohu entertainment news urban emotional drama "and cherish" have been in Jiangxi, Xiamen two satellite TV broadcasting, the drama by Gao Lu, starring Zhai Tianlin, after the same strength of the actors, two people together for the first time collision sparks, soared on the same stage play big fight acting, staged together contemporary touching love story. I began to sprout in twice out, love at first sight, Gao Lu played in "and cherish" in Cheng Ziyue, but suffered a kind and sincere marriage, family, career ups and downs and blow, played by Zhai Tianlin Tang Yufeng’s family, a successful career, but full body was tortured, so the two fate of young people a coincidence to meet, Yufeng decoction had two times out to save his life, the purple moon is kindness, love is love, friendship, family. The play adapted from the best-selling novel "thorn" marriage before the star, local TV broadcast, has seen users evaluate Gao Lu as the "Purple moon Cheng" beyond the Korean female, because Cheng Ziyue’s kindness and affection, let her face more sensational tear, the male also let the unfortunate explosion Tim of many sadness everywhere is the tears. Gao Lu said this is her crying scene play up, almost cry from the beginning to the end, almost become "tears". The drama starring Gao Lu, Zhai Tianlin, the two actors is also challenging, many events, crying scene, very much inside play need but two emotions, are 80 strength, acting in place play good enough, for the first time cooperation sparks, very surprise.相关的主题文章: