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Travel-and-Leisure Airport taxi service in London is primarily meant for .muting passengers from airport to different locations, or the other way round. Customers can also approach it for Chauffer driven taxis that are available round the clock for carrying them to and from London airports. Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted airports in London can be seen to have these facilities. It is also available in high passenger activity area of London City Airport and Luton Airport. Airport taxi service in London is among the best passenger facilities available in Europe which stays open even in most inclement weather. Croydon is a recognised metropolitan in Greater London area. Being located in between Englands Southern Coast and London it is a historical part of Surrey County. Croydon is located at a road distance of about 15 km and offers a regular taxi service. Airport taxi service Croydon carries passengers from this town to any of Londons airports. Airport taxis plying between London airports and Croydon are licensed with Public Carnage Office or PCO. To ensure travellers more security the drivers of airport taxi agencies are even licensed with PCO. Again, excellent cars with amiable chauffeurs make you feel at ease even though you may have flown in from a distant place. Leading airport taxi service providers have excellent fleet of cars to cater to customers of every taste and preference. Current generation of cars as well as classic cars are used as taxis by car rental concerns in London. Cars of various makes and models are there for your selection. Limousines and sedans are normally used as taxis on the roads of London. The vehicles of Airport taxi agencies are impeccably maintained to make your ride .fortable and pleasant. Travellers flying in to London airports may take the assistance of airport taxi service desks in the airport. Taxis of your choice are made available to you on demand. You might even take a classic car model as your taxi from airport to your desired destination. For your convenience most of the airport taxi .panies have online booking facilities. This is also true for airport taxi service Croydon. For online airport taxi service booking, certain inquiries are made. Selections of transfer direction, pickup point, drop off point, vehicle type and payment options are to be made. Pick up point is of key importance because there is more than one airport in London and the airport taxi service provider must be made aware of where your flight is landing. Drop off point, is of course crucial since that is your destination. As there are multiple makes and models of taxis available it is vital that you make a selection of a vehicle. Taxi charge varies with the model of car selected. Classic cars usually carry a higher transfer charge .pared to present generation cars. Payments could be made by cash, debit cards, credit cards, and fund transfers. As payment options are many the mode has to be clearly specified to an airport taxi service provider. It is always wise to do your taxi booking online as it saves time and efforts of looking for a taxi after landing. Moreover rates of different airport taxi service agencies could be .pared before deciding on the best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: