Good room 22 bodied City linkage sparks of fire was Liaoyuanzhishi tsumori chisato

Good room 22 bodied City linkage sparks of fire was Liaoyuanzhishi bodied estate (decimating another City Fuli Chengyue R) group of independent buyers to build a new open application platform "decimating room 2" announced on-line, decimating real global strategic alliance officially started, September 9th to October 31st, decimating the first real plans to open the linkage, a lot of concessions, a chance to get a first-class cabin tour of Hainan. Product features 2 R & F good room, not only have good listings online Xpress election and transparent information more affordable, customer service on a quiz, a key appointment showings, a key payment service. Then easily bought the house, a key to open a good life! This is a buy artifact genuine goods at a fair price. "Decimating the room" to bring tangible concessions, dedicated service to every property buyers, the purchase process more convenient and save worry. Coupled with R & D room has a good project information release, listings lock, online payment, online customer service and other functions. New online activities of the forum, all kinds of card coupons to buy more affordable and more convenient. In addition, in the R & F room platform can also enjoy a variety of exclusive and exclusive high-quality housing housing special offer seckill flash sale, and online activities of the new, all kinds of card, coupon claim. The future r good room, not only can see the world thousands of listings, the daily special offer, more concerts, delicacy, tourism, football and other exciting promotions, decimating real good App can meet the full range of home life needs. Said so much Fuli good room APP advantage, and finally we still have to fall on the housing, the current Beijing Fuli Metro (real estate information), Tongzhou R & F Center, etc.. Tencent Real Estate News Center (Tongzhou bodied bodied canal No. ten) (market information) is located in the core area of Tongzhou canal, M6 subway upper cover (Yudai River Street Station). Tongzhou R & F Center B01 building has been sold odd layer, the area of 44-104 square meters, after the price of 36000 yuan per square meter, row card fee of 50 thousand, refined decoration, decoration standard reference model. On the day of the deposit 100 thousand, within 45 days of payment of 10% on the contract. No. A01 three and Tongzhou R & F center unit in the sale, the remaining 2 sets of 240 level four ranks, the average price of 45000-50000 Yuan Ping; December 30, 2017 hardcover hardcover submitted standard reference model. The 15 and the 30 layers are the equipment layer. Property fee is 5.8 yuan per square metre. > > > join the Tencent Beijing Tongzhou real estate group, real-time discussion hot topic. 127716308 Tongzhou R & F Center (R & F… See details fold square metres brand developers estate Gallery | the latest features of 400-819-1111 to 676261 Tongzhou R & F Center (R & F canal No. ten) on the project construction area of about 460 thousand square meters, a format that contains a high-end shopping plaza, Binhe style commercial district, 5A office buildings, high-end apartment Binhe fine, administrative SOHO. In the full use of river resources at the same time, the use of high grade construction and renovation standards, build a new benchmarking project to Beijing bodied estate. "" "" "click to view the Tongzhou R & F Center (R & F).相关的主题文章: