Guangdong 29 held two provincial bus auction Qipai price lowest 3 thousand – in the new network www.b

Guangdong 29 held two provincial bus auction Qipai price lowest 3 thousand – Beijing people come to see to take the bus. Nanfang Daily News (reporter Xie Qingyu) National Day, Guangdong provincial government bus reform abolished the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the "provincial bus") auction will be held two, were held in September 29th in the afternoon, the network will auction 181 provincial bus. Among them, the Guangdong International Auction Co., Ltd., Guangzhou motor vehicle auction center Co., Ltd. will be held on September 29th 9:30 at the twenty-third auction held by the General Motors network, there are a total of about $72. Beijing Beiqi Penglong motor vehicle auction company will be 29 PM 13:00 in Bo car network held twenty-second auctions, auction bus 109 cars. Provincial bus auction or in the ending next month it is reported that in September 29th the two after the end of the auction, after the 23 game of the provincial bus auction is nearing completion, is expected by the remaining vehicle condition after rectification, in October to arrange the two or three auction auction. Today, the reporter from the scene of the twenty-second auction vehicles show that the bus has been neatly lined up, one after another to take the audience to watch the public favorite vehicles. Live auction agency insiders, the 109 car auction in the bus, there are a number of high-end users by off-road models including TOYOTA overbearing, MITSUBISHI Pajero, Grand Cherokee, trumpchi; there are large businesses like business car Buick GL8, Odyssey, TOYOTA previa, Costa TOYOTA, Nissan, Lilian gold; and car models are the TOYOTA Camry, accord, Passat, MAGOTAN, Audi lacrosse, Hao Rui, etc.. There are 15 Nissan light car card, this kind of car is a light truck, the city does not buy a car transfer targets. In the field of taking pictures of vehicles, after 2008 accounted for 13 of the registered vehicles. Auction of vehicle starting price from 3 thousand yuan to 250 thousand yuan, of which the highest starting price for TOYOTA Prado registered in 2007, traveling 140 thousand kilometers, good condition, the model of a vehicle prices as high as 80 to 1 million yuan. Starting price of only 3000 yuan for a registration in 2001 Buick GL8. The twenty-third auction 72 bus starting price from 6000 yuan to 150 thousand yuan, the highest starting price for the registration of a 2009 Buick Ang Corey. The vehicle preview site to 28 end according to the auction agency twenty-second auctions are still using the website and mobile phone synchronization auction. Users interested in participating in the auction, you can register and participate in the auction of the mobile terminal and the mobile App mobile website. The scene of the vehicle preview to September 28th (9:00-17:00 daily), a place in Yuncheng Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, four South Road, No. 8 (self apron No. five South Gate "Bo car network" hospital). The twenty-third auction vehicles in Whampoa  District of Guangzhou City Maogang Road No. 989, the only automobile exhibition site preview, show the same time up to 28 days. Interested persons please carry valid ID certificate for bids registration. Pay two million yuan bid bond procedures for bids, only.相关的主题文章: