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Hangzhou red net Chutan was grandma shuangjieao seriously wounded or life-threatening the latest news: this reporter learned at the hospital, the wounded old grandmother last night the situation is fairly stable, currently stable vital signs, but serious condition may change at any time. The old lady wore a head cap on her head and had a fever. Beating the 54 year old man, with a history of mental illness, has been detained last night, the police will be on the mental state will judicial identification. Last night and this morning, before and after the batterer family members to the hospital to visit the old grandmother three. Previously reported: yesterday morning, Hangzhou 93 year old "insole grandma" stall, was a man with a nunchaku wounded! "Insoles grandma" block, almost all the people in Hangzhou know her. Last year because there will be blocking the grandmother in bed side braved the cold to sell insoles, comic books and other small objects of the photos sent to the Internet, for a time caused widespread concern, the money also reported in November 28th last year the A2 version done on block’s report. The last in line suddenly popular, blocking grandma stalls suddenly bustling, there are many well intentioned people bought a few pairs of insoles handed to a $100 bill after leave silently, even well intentioned people took three thousand yuan cash plug to plug grandma. "I have insurance, not short of money, you don’t give me the money." In the face of sudden blocking some "popular", grandma took down a leave stall at a loss. In the next year, with the heat of the incident slowly receded, blocking her grandmother also returned to a quiet life, selling her favorite insoles. But in yesterday morning, the city people’s heart again because of blocking and pulling up grandma! A man holding a nunchaku at grandma head command in the past did not have time to see grandma, just came back yesterday here today on the stall, out of this thing, oh!" A responsible for cleaning the gate section of the Wahaha delicacy of sanitation aunt said the money newspaper reporter. Cao master is a security guard in the city witnessed the delicacy of Wahaha, the whole incident – probably at 9 in the morning, the old woman was a roadside insole, a 50 year old man suddenly rushed over, we are still trying to figure out what happened, he picked up the nunchaku on hand to the old grandma waved down on the head. Grandma was hit by a pair of sticks to the head, blood DC, clothes, calculators, comic books are full of blood. The passing of people quickly gathered round, help the police to contact the ambulance, someone pulled out a tissue to help grandma hemostasis. We also feel that with the nunchaku man some abnormal behavior, he put the old woman wounded, kneeling on the ground has been kowtow, soon to be near the patrol police. "I heard the old lady was wounded, but also has been beating middle-aged man ‘brisk’." Another witness told the newspaper reporter. And blocked grandmother was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Intracranial hemorrhage head seam more than and 20 needles may be life-threatening "grandma ear is not good, but also do not understand what we speak, so the beginning of treatment does not match." No.1 People’s Hospital of Hangzhou emergency room doctor Ho said in a hurry. Yesterday morning, after being wounded, blocked grandmother was sent to the city 120 emergency. Sweating blood, always cheeks,.相关的主题文章: