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News-and-Society With hundreds of thousands of people continuously roaming around on the Inter., there are bound to be a few problems that occur here and there. After all, it would be equivalent to a miracle to have that many people in one specific area like cyberspace, and not have some serious problems arise from time to time. A cyber stalker that continually harasses another individual is one such problem and should be considered as very serious to individuals that are being stalked on the Inter.. Most all of us that browse through website after website when we get online will usually also have some way for our close friends and family members to get in contact with us, and this is generally done by registering for an email account such as what is offered for free on Yahoo. Although these accounts can offer a wide range of benefits to its users, it can also be a place where people are bothered over and over again by a cyber stalker. It is true that the first thing that should be done is to contact the authorities, but in the event they are too busy to handle a case such as this, individuals need to be aware that there is another solution that is available. A reverse email look-up is a investigative procedure that can be done by professional experts that know how to reveal the real identity of a cyber stalker that has made it a point to consistently contact individuals on the Inter. with harassing emails. Some of the helpful information that can be obtained when this type of investigation is performed would include the persons name, phone number, address, the operating system they use, links to sites they have visited on the web, their ISP, and various other forms of informational data. Generally when you have a professional expert perform a reverse email look-up, you are not responsible for a fee unless they get a hit on the email information of the cyber stalker that you have provided them with. The turn-around time that most people can expect when this type of investigation is done is 24 hours in some cases, and up to 14 days in others. To list a few of the other types of accounts that people have had this type of problem with include hotmail, Craigslist, Myspace, Facebook, gmail, ymail, and various other .working sites and email accounts. Copyright (c) 2010 Ed Opperman About the Author: 相关的主题文章: