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For some of you, cleaning is second nature, and you have no problems maintaining a clean, orderly home. For the rest of us, we are just doing the best we can to keep up, but would really benefit from a visit from house cleaning fairy. Since this probably isn’t going to happen, the next best thing I can give you is the cleaning fairy’s house cleaning checklist. Armed with a list of when and how frequently certain jobs should be performed, you will be less overwhelmed and able to clean your house quickly and easily. Let’s start with the daily house-cleaning checklist. The goal here is not to overwhelm you, but done regularly, these tasks will be easier to conquer in small doses instead of waiting for them go get out of hand. In the kitchen, clear off the counters, wash dishes or load into the dishwasher, wipe spills off the stovetop, and sweep the floor. Next, conquer paper clutter. Get and sort the mail, put homework and other daily papers in their rightful place, recycle all junk mail and old papers. In the bathroom, hang up towels, put dirty clothes into the hamper, and clear off counters (a bin for each person is a great way to do this easily). Remove clothes immediately at the end of the drying cycle, fold and put away. This one thing will prevent ironing later! Throw all toys into bins. Make beds. Here are the chores for the weekly house- Office Commercial Cleaning checklist. Dust all shelves, furniture, and accessories. Vacuum and damp-mop all floors in the house. In the bathroom clean the shower/bath, toilet, sink and fixtures. Spray and clean the mirrors and metal finishes in your home. In the kitchen, clean appliance fronts, and wipe countertop appliances. Clean the inside of the microwave and scrub the stovetop. Open the fridge and get rid of old leftovers. Change and wash bed linens. Clean the TVs and computer monitors. Sweep walkways in the garage Monthly, wash dirty walls, clean handprints off doors, and wipe down woodwork.Vacuum upholstered furniture, especially under cushions. Dust mini-blinds. Polish wood furniture and clean/condition leather furniture. In the kitchen, clean the inside of the refrigerator and oven, and vacuum and wipe down the inside of often-used drawers. Wash comforters, bedspreads and mattress covers and flip your mattress over. Dust ceiling fans and change the filters in your heating or air unit. Give your garage a good sweep. Here is the house-cleaning checklist to use twice a year. Dry clean feather comforters. Wash draperies, Vacuum behind bedroom furniture, beneath beds, and all closets. In the kitchen, clean the insides of all cabinets and drawers. Clean under and beside the refrigerator and vacuum coils. Wash around, under and behind washer and dryer, and clean out dryer vents. Change batteries in your smoke alarm. Deep clean the garage, putting away all holiday dcor. Wash curtains and drapes, clean blinds Dry clean down comforters Vacuum under beds and behind dressers Vacuum inside closets Dust refrigerator coils, vacuum/wash space around fridge Wipe out inside of cabinets and drawers Pull out washing machine and wash walls and floor around washer/dryer Vacuum back of dryer, clean out dryer vent Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors Clean garage, store seasonal items in bins on shelves Have carpeted stairs professionally cleaned and scotch-guarded Annual House Cleaning Checklist Have furnace/air conditioner cleaned Clean carpets or rugs Clean upholstered furniture Go through toys and clothing – give away or sell unwanted items Use Daylight Savings or Change of Seasons to Remember Items on your Home Cleaning Checklist Schedule tasks you perform twice or 4 times a year to dates already on your calendar. For example, change your smoke alarm batteries when you turn your clocks behind and ahead, or clean your ceiling fans on the first day of a new season. You get the idea! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: