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VOIP The Small Business PBX business phone systems enhance business productivity and require minimum investments. These Hosted PBX Systems offer a number of advanced call handling features to project a professional image in front of callers. Advanced Calling Features for a Flourishing Business Image Enhanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)- The Hosted PBX ACD feature greets callers with appropriate recordings and segregates calls with intelligent call routing. The incoming calls are greeted with professionally sounding appropriate greetings and are then directed to the concerned department. All the numbers in that department will ring up one by one or all at the same time and the next available person will attend the call. This minimizes the chances that callers will hear long busy signals and need to wait for long in call queues. Voicemail Transcription- The voicemail is a wonderful feature that ensures no call is ever missed by allowing callers to leave messages in the voicemail box so that the user can retrieve them later. The messages can be stored for a long time and multiple calls can be stored in the voicemail messages. The voicemail messages can also be forwarded to other voicemail boxes if required. The voicemail transcription feature has been introduces by the Hosted PBX Service Providers which provides greater flexibility to its users. This feature converts voicemail messages into text files that are readable and are mailed to your email account and so that the user can access them from anywhere by just logging in to the online control panel. The voicemail transcription file can be printed, forwarded, stored or deleted by the user as required. Virtual Receptionist- The virtual receptionist is designed to identify callers and to route them to the right department in the office like sales. The Virtual Receptionist presents the callers with simple options to choose from such as dial an extension, go to support, return to previous menu, speak with live sales or support executive and so on. The Auto Attendant is the most efficient call management system that is available with the Small business PBX systems. Call Forwarding- This feature saves you from having your callers hanging up on you after trying your number several times and still not being able to reach you. Call forwarding feature forwards incoming calls to virtual numbers for 24X7 accessibility. The other number can include landline, cell phone number or home number where you want to be reached. Find me/follow me- These features make it possible for a user to enjoy greater flexibility no matter where he is since he does not have to sit next to his office phone all day to answer every single call. The find me and follow me features are ideal for mobile users and route incoming calls to the user regardless of his location. The calls are directed to not just one but multiple phone numbers as required by the user. The mobile users can be seamlessly integrated with each other. The accessibility via internet is profitable both in terms of cost and efficiency due to anytime, anywhere accessibility for multiple users. Files, documents and presentations can be shared among remote users in real time with features such as Unified Communications to make the employees more productive and providing them greater flexibility and freedom. The Small Business PBX systems reduce cost and increase efficiency due to multi user accessibility. The mobile users can be seamlessly collaborated with each other in real time. Files, documents and presentations can be shared among multiple users to provide them greater flexibility and freedom with features such as Unified Communications to make the employees more productive. Hosted PBX Systems offer reliable, efficient, business class, feature rich and economical services to make them the perfect business phone systems ideally suited for the small and growing business enterprises. In terms of reliability the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems are even with the traditional premise based PBX systems with many Hosted PBX Service Providers using latest network security measures and online security tools to protect customer data against online security threats and identity thefts while the data and voice is sent online. The Small Business PBX Systems provide business class voice quality, cutting edge technology and sophisticated digital features to project your business as a fortune corporate. Any number of employees can be added without the concern of buying new extensions for each user. Only IP phone is required for any user that is plugged into the system from anytime, anywhere to make and receive calls. This provides greater scalability to the Hosted PBX Systems. The small and growing business organizations use the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems for a competitive edge to achieve success by accomplishing business goals. The affordability of Hosted PBX Systems makes it possible for small and growing business enterprises to benefit from the advantages of the enterprise class business phone systems. Hosted PBX Systems provide attractive features to business organizations at economical prices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: