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How to determine whether cough is lung cancer? What are the characteristics of lung cancer cough — Guizhou channel — cough is the most common disease, generally a week can be cured if long-term cough healing should be careful what is the relationship between lung cancer, cough and lung cancer? Small make up to tell you. Early symptoms of cough and lung cancer in autumn and winter, people may cough, Chinese medicine to remind everyone in the elderly over 40 years after the fall, if the long-term cough and does not heal, attention should be paid to the investigation of lung cancer, because the early symptoms of cough and lung cancer. Cough lung cancer! Autumn is the season of high incidence of lung cancer, lung cancer, many patients in the early stage of cough and expectoration and fever as the first, most people do not care, as often to cold treatment, the effect is not good, in patients with lung cancer has treatment again late in the development of the expert reminds, for this kind of patients should be vigilant, especially for more than 40 years of smoking there were more exposed to second-hand smoke can not let down. The results show that: most of the patients with lung cancer in China are in the middle and old age. Lung cancer cough two types of lung cancer, from the general is divided into two categories, the central type and peripheral type of lung cancer in patients with lung cancer, the main type of lung cancer, lung cancer, lung cancer and other types of lung cancer, lung cancer, cough, cough, cough, cough. 2, peripheral lung cancer occurs in the end of the bronchioles, the early symptoms of cough, there will be more chest pain. 3, central lung cough occurs earlier, often in the sense of oppression, paroxysmal irritating cough as the first symptom, no sputum or a small amount of foam phlegm, sometimes with bloodshot eyes. 4, cough intensity and tumor growth site, the larger the bronchus, the more abundant the receptor. 5, the more vulnerable to the stimulation of the tumor caused by a stronger cough. Therefore, it is difficult to find early, once symptoms appear, more advanced. (commissioning editor Zhu Xiaohui and Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: