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Internet-and-Business-Online For webmasters and SEO’s who are looking for strong keyword density there is several tools available online that will help you. What you need to do is enter your URL and the tools will check the density of your keywords and analyze your webpage and key phrases which are in your text. These tools will indicate the amount of times a keyword appears and the percentage. In order to draw website traffic your presence needs to be marked online. To rank well on the search engines your articles need to be interesting and your website attractive. You are able to generate a much higher percentage of traffic if you have interesting and informative articles, proper keyword density, a great SEO and good quality content. SEO marketing can be .plicated, and queries fro people are based on keyword search. By making use of frequently used keywords you will generate web traffic to your website. Articles .prising of the right keyword density and keywords generate high ranking on search engines. It is important to use related keywords and phrases. What is important for you is that to use keyword that your target audience will most probably look up to. Normally website owner fill their web content with high amount of keywords without thinking even if it is necessary, because they really don’t know what the visitor might type in the search engine. Seriously, that is never going to help, you should be keen enough to know and understand the exact demand of your target audience so that you use only those keywords or key phrases that are user friendly. Otherwise over loading your content with unnecessary keywords is of no good use to your website. You also need to look at what attracts visitors to your website, apart from your site being easy to navigate and user friendly the readers are searching for evergreen and interesting article marketing content. If you are searching for writing material you can find a variety of trendy and interesting topics by making use of writing topic tools such as using Alexa toolbars and Google alerts, twitter and social bookmarking sites. In order to attract website traffic you need to create good quality articles for your website. Articles that have a two to five percent keyword density and a few long tail words are favored by the search engines. You can also make use of tools such as Textalyser and Article Jockey to analyze your content and readability. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: