How To Get More Interior Painting

Home-and-Family The winter season turns homeowners’ remodeling focus indoors, signaling an opportunity for you to help consumers tackle interior painting projects. While the economic indicators point to more do-it-yourselfers hanging onto their money and getting by with small projects , this should not deter you from seeking out new interior painting jobs. Painting is the most cost-effective remodeling project a homeowner can undertake, and a professional paint job can add value to a home, while saving money over more costly remodeling jobs like replacing kitchen countertops. Your creativity and willingness to be.e a resource to your customers can help you acquire new business; regardless of the state of the economy. Homeowners these days aren’t as apt to move to a newer or bigger home as they were just a few years ago when economic conditions were more favorable. Now the focus is on revamping one’s existing space by investing in quality materials and workmanship that will help increase .fort and reflect the homeowner’s personal style. A thorough understanding of homeowners needs can create opportunities for new business for your .pany. A professional painting contractor can save homeowners time and money because pros know all of the tricks of the trade that can provide years of beauty and style to a home. When homeowners ask why a painting professional is a wise investment, offer them facts that prove your point. You can create an online consumer guide that educates homeowners so they can discover why they should hire a pro for their job. Carla Davis offers a guide that you can use as a template to help you formulate your own consumer guide. Your guide can also be in the form of a printed brochure that you can use as a handout at home shows and as a direct mail piece. Use these facts and others re.mended by the PDCA (Painting and Decorating Contractors of America) as key points in your own consumer guide to hiring a painting pro: – A professional painting contractor is more than a painting expert. He or she can re.mend high quality products that lend the perfect look to the finished job. – Pros ensure proper preparation of the surface to be painted; which is a key factor in a successful painting project. – A professional is best acquainted with how to safely apply paint, which can save the consumer the worry about safety issues and hassle over dealing with messy preparation and cleanup. – Professionals who belong to reputable associations like PDCA are educated in the standards that these organizations create for quality and safety. Homeowners benefit when pros provide a standard of excellence for their project. Be.e a resource to consumers by creating your own professional painters blog. A good example of this is Chism Brothers Painting of San Diegos blog that teaches consumers to tell the difference between A true professional, a paint .pany who has employees and does a decent job, and a bucket and brush painter. David Chism of Chism Brothers defines a true professional so consumers will know why its important to hire a pro for their job: A true professional runs a quality business. They strive for customer satisfaction, return calls promptly, listen carefully to your concerns, are kept up to date on the best products to use and use craftsmen painters to .plete your project. Professional painters will make the typical painting experience a positive one from the first initial contact to the finished product. You can also incorporate videos into your blog such as this video from Case/Design Remodeling, which discusses reasons why now is a good time for homeowners to rejuvenate their homes. While you are making re.mendations to your prospective customers consider creating offers that provide an incentive for them to choose your business for their project. For example, Homer Reynolds Painting offers specials that provide attractive reasons for consumers to try their services. Painting pros that offer added value via printed or online consumer guides, blog resources and other high touch customer services often stand a better chance to gain new painting projects. Homeowners who are trying to decide if they should take up a brush and do their own painting job are apt to think twice if you can convince them that your services will provide real value for their money and save them the bother of doing the job themselves. By following just a few of the tips and trends outlined above, you can distinguish yourself from your .petitors and gain new interior paint jobs in any economy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: