Hunan architects to create the concept of sustainable development of the community – Changsha 9c8996

Hunan Changsha Overseas Returned Architects to create a sustainable idea of public record community – Beijing Beijing in September 24 Changsha Xinhua (reporter Tang Xiaoqing) "resource recycling station, art space, prototype laboratories are various floors of the name. Here, you raise your head, there is an exhibition; lower your head, you can do anything interesting gadget." 24, 2009, Hunan Yuanda City, P8 sustainable innovation community, Liao Jiangfeng, marketing manager, to visit the people of the community to introduce the idea of creativity in Changsha. This community is by returning from the American architect Daniel initiated the establishment, is a eight storey modular architecture, each layer has a different theme. In the work of the people who are committed to the pursuit of innovation, change, advocating green, sustainable innovation. "On this planet of P8, we can provide you with one-stop life study work." Liao Jiangfeng said, "P8", each layer has a person responsible for these "long" will struggle to design every kind of activities, and guide people to think of change and innovation, is committed to creating a sustainable community public record. Into the "P8 sustainable innovation community", not only organic restaurants, city camping, and even in the room to support the tent, enjoy music, movies, music. Architectural design and layout form of brain hole wide open, and strive to create a relaxed and not sticking to formalities, comfortable and free atmosphere. Currently, the community is being held in the creative "Le Pu artificial City Festival", called for the creation of future communities. Liao Jiangfeng said, "P8 Le Pu state" put forward the concept of community, named after Hayao Miyazaki’s famous animation "sky city", includes the sustainable vertical community, ecological park and a series of new life, learning and work. Liao Jiangfeng introduction, Le Pu artificial City Festival set up science and technology, life, art, construction and other camps, creative. People can use waste materials to build their own buildings here. "These activities reflect the concept of environmental protection." Liao Jiangfeng said that the event aims to build a bridge of communication and cooperation between people, so that everyone involved in the construction of their own community in the future, visitors can choose according to their own interest in the experience of the project. "We spent a year to gather a number of environmental protection practitioner, inheriting the traditional culture, science and technology Master and prospective residents." Liao Jiangfeng said that by making the city festival, everyone should occasionally break the regular, repeated, has been set to life, to feel the passion and enthusiasm to create a lively. P8 Space Institute is exploring the construction of sustainable vertical communities." (end)相关的主题文章: