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Automobiles A continuous onslaught of shoddy sales and manufacturer problems has been shelling the auto industry since the start of 2009. Weve seen some ugly things go down, from the Big Three bailout to the more recent recalls put out by Toyota on the automakers hot seller, the Prius. Yes, the economy was partially to blame, but (since were doling out the blame) you cant let the actual manufacturers off so easily. Thats why the movement for efficiency has picked up so much steam: because automakers know that now is the time to differentiate themselves and pick a side, and better fuel economy and a smaller environmental footprint are winning. It shouldnt come as a surprise that Korean automaker Kia had a record year over 2009; the company has beefed up its line of inexpensive, quality vehicles to facilitate better performance and a general overall sense of expertise when it comes to spitting out quality cars. Hyundai dealers in Indianapolis were not surprised by recent, more shocking news revolving around the manufacturers explosion of a fourth quarter in 2009. Lets give Hyundai some credit here; you dont post numbers like the ones that have just been release if youre marketing an under par vehicle. The manufacturers increased focus on improving its product was a major factor in the spectacular numbers that your Indianapolis used Hyundai dealership is fawning over. According to the New York Times, Hyundai profited with $819 million over the fourth quarter of 2009, nearly quadrupling the profits it made in the fourth quarter of 2008. The automakers third quarter numbers were much the same in 2009, rounding out a solid year for a company caught in the middle of the industrys breakdown. Sales revenue rose 9.3 percent year over year. And you can bet Hyundai dealers in Indianapolis are absolutely titillated over these results, as they have gotten to join in on some of those profits. For Hyundai, the sales numbers represent a true return to excellence and a spot at the top of the crumbling hill of the auto industry, at a time when differentiating yourself as a brand has become more important than ever before. The 2011 Sonata will be a big push in 2010, when the manufacturer forecasts a matching sales increase of 11 percent, with a predicted sales of 3.46 million cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. The new Sonatas appearance is a big factor in the sudden mass appeal of the vehicle, and, while your Indianapolis used car dealer wont be able to enjoy the benefits of housing the 2011 Sonata yet, new dealerships expect to see a huge bump in business from the spectacular new vehicle. Still, your Indianapolis used Hyundai dealership should see some massive sales numbers out of 2010, with improved quality and reliability teeming from 2010 models hitting your Indianapolis used car dealer showroom floor over the course of the year. Drop by a Hyundai dealership today to see the exciting new cars that will propel the manufacturer into the hearts of Americans everywhere. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: