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I spend money to travel, what to accommodate others? Sohu travel, some people say, travel is to put the same on their own different faces, identity, role, personality, latitude and longitude, living containers, to see what they will become. But the different way to travel, but you can see what kind of world. For example, with the group, the world is so big, the state of the myriads of changes for each person, you need to follow the rhythm of the group before, often need to accommodate others. In our life, has played the role of too much to accommodate others, please people, why do not even go out to travel back to their own? Now, in the absence of the group, not hard self-help, you can choose to customize, it is a way to please yourself. NO.1 travel with tourist attractions under the guise of the shop is usually arranged in the itinerary of -photo by light as chrysanthemum with tour features: time for a day to catch several places, would one day walk around all the landmark attractions in a city, each place for ten minutes, one hour, you still have time to go the whole game, will be rushed to the time, got in the car, go to the next trip. You don’t even have time to appreciate the beauty of the famous tourist attraction. "Monalisa" painting in front of the crowd and save all of the time you save, tour guides will take you shopping. Here, the tour guide to your time is absolutely generous, usually two hours off. Whether you buy or not, please stay long enough. Finally, you go to the end of a country, it will feel what left in your heart, your back is a stack with other similar, a visit to this photo. Since with the group, please accommodate! Custom tour features: tailored to whether you are going to the Danish Copenhagen Beach Park with the little mermaid; or to linger in the Holland tulip garden; or to sleep in a lake on the the Alps fantasy mood; or to sit on a red double decker bus, the trip and trip. The shuttle in London or to enjoy the high streets and back lanes; Bohemia wild in Prague round and round; or in Dubai, in the Arabia sea to the Seven Star Lugger Hotel, and Ta hold a few days to do a dream nouveau riche as you wish. Custom is in accordance with your current state of life, help you tailor design to meet your imagination journey, let you spend time in the place you should experience, let the day after the recall of that trip, with stories. Since the custom, please enjoy their senses! NO.2 restaurant with a tour group, no characteristic features: unpalatable food, usually ten table, so delicious, you move a little slow, food is caught light. But rest assured, usually not delicious. Want to eat local characteristics, I am sorry, please follow the unified arrangements. Since with the group, please accommodate customized tour features: free! Whether you want to eat 20 dollars or roadside stalls to eat 2000 dollars Michelin restaurant, local delicacy, chosen by your own. If you eat abroad,!相关的主题文章: