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In ABLE JEANS, you can also like Zheng Shuang type! Sohu – entertainment by Gu diffuse novel drama "smiled very little" is Jiangsu TV and Oriental TV sync hit, the love between the Curve Wrecker level Department of flowers and grass God level across dimensions, people can not help but heartache. And its own hot search physical Zheng Shuang, but also by virtue of the drama once again become the focus of public opinion. Whether the "paper" There were many discussions. On the body, or compared with the version of the film actress Angela Baby Zheng Shuang around, never seems to lack topic. Recently, small series driven by curiosity, also went to see the "smile" very little, did not seem to like the rumors in the "paper" so exaggerated. Moreover, Zheng Shuang in the drama seemed to return to the peak value of Yan! Wear cowboy college wind so that the flowers really beautiful! To the heart of the goddess Zhuangshan? Enjoy the cool girl in the drama of the dress style! "And smiled" very little Zheng Shuang to calculate the Department of flower machine shell tiny debut, which in addition to her doping in the game dress themselves, walking in the campus, she is a beautiful scenery line. Thanks to her costume, pure beauty, liberal and dignified. See Zheng Shuang in the drama of the cowboy wear, really good-looking, said she returned to the peak value is understandable. If you give up those gorgeous fashion apparel, perhaps this simple and elegant cowboy, not only contains a faint memory, it is with her whole person especially bright. Like the summer breath of the cool breeze, gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Students in the cowboy single product is essential clothing, jeans can be said to be the most dynamic in the campus of a single product, fashion and comfort. If you want to relax a concave campus in good shape, both men and women, must not play it! Cool girl, long hair, looks pure and lively. Comfortable pencil pants Zheng Shuang’s stature perfect present, a cool cowboy dress, let the flowers Zheng Shuang sunshine personality fully displayed. As a timeless classic, jeans trend continues today; in the film the blue color, dark black have their own fashion dress. Nine cut section is absolutely today is the most popular style, not only the trend of stylish but also very slim slim visual effect. In fact, cool girl body besides jeans very much, she plays in the backpack is also worth exploring. As the Department of computer science Curve Wrecker Department of flowers, independent personality has made different personalities of Zheng Shuang; ABLE JEANS retro old cowboy backpack highlights the unique cool girl, lovely patch pattern embellishment and not to lose the vigor of youth campus atmosphere. Is a simple and consistent style, in the dazzling campus is a stream. Perhaps it is because of a wear such personality "cool" Lang, it accidentally let Tony slightly into the Xiao Nai God’s heart. According to Xiao Bian secretly observed, Zheng Shuang play all the other almost all tend to simple, generous, and in fact, the original "Imperius photo soul beauty" is not consistent with, but another flavor. !相关的主题文章: