Internet users to the Shandong provincial Party Secretary and governor of the official reply m

Netizens to Shandong provincial Party Secretary and governor of the official reply message by   a total of 20 local leaders — resume of Jiang Yikang   |  message to the Shandong provincial Party Secretary Guo Shuqing comrades resume   |  message to the governor of Shandong province Beijing 8 October, (Li Zhengjie) recently, Shandong province in 20 the message to the users of the provincial Party Secretary and governor to reply message selected as follows: [i] Internet message is a farmer in Shandong province Dezhou City Ling District, we all know you are very busy, for the country, for the people, dedication. But there’s no way we can ask you. I would like to ask Secretary Jiang, Dezhou Province, we have no relocation of farmers and subsidies? What is the policy that Dezhou city farmer moves? There are no breeding areas at home to assess the price, and now the relocation should be how to do? As the most common farmers, income is not much, the economy is not good, we really want to move a lot of loss. Answer: dear friends: hello! You reflect the problem, Lingcheng District People’s government were investigated and dealt with, the reply as follows: in the process of the new rural area Lingcheng community construction, only the relocation compensation for a homestead in the house. The specific compensation policy is evaluated by the city Housing Bureau Ling according to the specific circumstances of housing to determine the compensation level related to compensation, but for the homestead in rural farming area or other attachments on the ground appurtenances, no relevant compensation policy. It is understood that the township according to the actual situation has also developed a specific implementation of compensation methods. Because you did not address the specific address, can not be a detailed reply, it is recommended that you can go to the Township People’s Government where you are registered in detail. Hello, I am a general citizen of Linyi County, Shandong City, Dezhou province. I live in families of Linyi Institute of machinery factory of the cottage, in 2010, the county unified planning, transfer to a local developer of the demolition of the cottage buildings, so far, more than six years, developers have disappeared, the owners seek help the county, has been promised, no real action, we still have the long-term rental outside. Please Secretary of the provincial Party committee to look at the details of our situation, to help people go home as soon as possible. Answer: dear friends: hello! You reflect the problem, conducted by the Linyi County People’s government investigation. It is understood as follows: by the way, the development and construction of Linyi Lu Niu home in 2012, the original machinery factory workers families of the house by the developer of the independent development and resettlement, the relevant construction procedures complete. The project construction period, Lu cow group because of poor management led to the company responsible for the losses due to the debt problem caused by long time hiding, capital chain rupture to influence development of resettlement project schedule, resulting in resettlement households and households sold so far failed to stay. Currently, the district construction projects for the finishing stage, but the fire, elevators, lightning protection and so on are not completed inspection and acceptance, has not yet reached the standard occupancy. Linyi county is actively contact with the head of the group, to provide a full range of materials to remove them, and then organized in the area of the supporting facilities Lu Lu相关的主题文章: