It’s been a few months since the long vacation, and the skin will suffer for months-ekdv-273

The holiday return this thing did not do skin will suffer holiday months each year just ended, the Department of Dermatology of Wangjing Hospital Chinese Academy of Sciences Chinese will present many infected with scabies and other skin allergic disease patients. Professor Li Guangrui, the chief physician of the Department, warned that to prevent skin diseases, it would be better to disinfect the clothes for the long holidays. Here Xiaobian remind you – is to disinfect clothes, not just so simple clothes! "Stay out, inevitably exposed to clean bedding, plus disinfection is not complete, some scabies virus is easily left in the bedding." Li Guangrui said. Scabies can spread through close contact, and very strong infectivity. Even if the individual is very clean, there are probably infected mites. This causes scabies left sarcoptic mite human body can survive 2 to 3 days. Therefore, in some health conditions are not good living environment, frequent contact bedding, easily contaminated by mites. To prevent mites spread, avoid contamination of other carriers, the best in the home will disinfect clothes. Can be hot on clothes with boiling water, can also use disinfectant amount, which can effectively prevent mites residue. Once infected with scabies, don’t panic, patients should be treated in isolation, have come into contact with the clothing and bedding to thorough disinfection, avoid family infection. In drug use, Li Guangrui suggested that use sulfur paste once a day, three days can effectively alleviate the disease. Yang Jian, director of the Department of Dermatology doctors in the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College also introduced a little trick, for 3 consecutive days without a bath, not clean the surface of the bezoar ointment to killing mites. 3 days before the bath, after 4 days of withdrawal, repeat the above method, the bezoar ointment again covered, sooner or later each time, after 3 days to kill all the mites. So, at the time of treatment mites takes about two weeks, this is because the mites from eggs to adults, need 4 days, intermittent administration purpose to kill the second batch of mature mites, thus completely eliminate mites. Doctor Chen Ping Department of Dermatology, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Xiamen University, scabies is a severe itching of infectious diseases in the south, warm and humid environment is very common, infectivity, occurred in the collective unit. This kind of disease although the patient is very painful, but timely treatment can be completely cured, the key is to close contact with the patients treated at the same time, all personal clothes, bed sheets, quilt cover must be heat sterilized, get rid of worms and eggs on the clothes, plus oral medicine and topical ointment can cure completely correct but, do not use piyanping, Compositus Mentholi Cream and other drugs, that will only make more and more serious illness. In addition, this season is also a high incidence of urticaria in children, travel due to acclimatized or outdoor mosquito bites, more susceptible to papular urticaria. Therefore, in addition to ensure personal hygiene, much less to the mosquito area, once infected hives, do not scratch, to prevent secondary infection, and should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, under the guidance of a doctor taking anti allergy oral or topical antipruritic drugs to control the disease. (comprehensive health times, Strait Herald) (Health times network)

长假归来这件事没做 皮肤会遭殃几个月  每年长假刚结束,中国中医科学院望京医院皮肤科就会接诊了不少染上疥疮等皮肤过敏疾病的患者。该科主任医师李广瑞教授提醒,防止皮肤病,长假回来最好给衣服消消毒。  小编在这里提醒您——是给衣服消消毒,而不仅仅是洗衣服那么简单!  “外出住宿,难免接触到一些不干净的被褥,再加上消毒不彻底,一些疥疮病毒很容易在被褥中残留。”李广瑞说。疥疮能够通过密切接触传播,而且传染性很强。即使个人很干净,也有传染上疥虫的可能。这种导致疥疮的疥虫离开后人体还能存活2~3天。因此,在一些卫生条件不好的住宿环境中,频繁接触床上用品,便很容易沾染上疥虫。  防止疥虫传播,避免沾染其他的携带病菌,最好在外出归来后将衣物进行消毒。可以用开水对衣物进行热烫,也可以用适量的消毒液浸泡,这样能够有效避免疥虫残留。一旦感染了疥疮,也不必惊慌,患者应当隔离治疗,曾经接触过的衣物和被褥要彻底消毒,避免家庭内传染。在用药上,李广瑞建议,每天使用硫磺膏涂抹一次,连用三天就能有效缓解病情。  广州医学院第二附属医院皮肤科主任医师杨健也介绍了一个小窍门,连续3天不洗澡、不擦身,牛黄软膏可把体表的疥虫活活熏死。3天之后方可洗澡,停药4天之后,再重复上述方法,把牛黄软膏再次涂满全身,早晚各一次,3天之后就可把疥虫杀光光了。所以,算来疥虫的治疗时间大约需要两周时间,这是因为疥虫从虫卵发育为成虫,需要4天,间隔用药的目的就是杀死第二批成熟的疥虫,从而彻底消灭疥虫。  厦门大学附属中山医院皮肤科陈萍医生介绍,疥疮是一种瘙痒剧烈的传染病,在南方温暖潮湿的环境非常常见,传染性比较强,多发生在集体单位。这种病虽然使病人很痛苦,但是及时治疗可以彻底治愈,最关键的就是密切接触的患者要同时治疗,大家的贴身衣服、床单、被套一定要高温消毒,把衣物上的虫子及虫卵消灭掉,再加上口服药物及正确的外用药膏可以完全治愈,但千万不可使用皮炎平、无极膏等药物,那样只会使病情越来越严重。  此外,这个季节也是儿童荨麻疹的高发季节,出游时因水土不服或户外的蚊虫叮咬,更容易感染上丘疹性荨麻疹。因此,除保证个人卫生、少去蚊虫多的地区外,一旦感染上荨麻疹,千万不能抓挠,以防继发感染,而应尽快就医,在医生指导下服用抗过敏的内服或外用止痒药物控制病情。(综合自健康时报、海峡导报)(健康时报网)相关的主题文章: