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Japan will invest heavily for Russian economic cooperation for Putin’s visit to Japan to pave the way for Beijing – Beijing in October 8, according to Japanese media reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo on the May show to Russian President Putin at the summit of the 8 Russian economic cooperation programme, more exposure to specific Japanese government before the date of the draft. The main content is to pay attention to infrastructure construction and resource development in Siberia and the Far East, and improve the quality of local life. The idea of the size of the business more than 1 trillion yen (about 65 billion yuan), including strengthening the function of Vladivostok, Za Rubino, east of Hong Kong, Vladivostok in suburban construction costs about 600 billion yen in petroleum chemical plant a total of 41 business. This agreement is scheduled to be held in Japan in December 15th in Yamaguchi Prefecture on the Japan Russia summit. Reported that the Japanese government hopes to take the lead in the implementation of economic cooperation based on the needs of Russia, in order to promote the return of the four islands, including the territory of the north, including the conclusion of the peace treaty negotiations. Russian economic cooperation in the field of Japan as Aise Kohiroshige (and economic industry) as early as November’s visit to Russia, for the final stage of the negotiations. However, Russia has not changed to strengthen the effective control of the four islands in the north of the gesture, the summit talks can lead to compromise on territorial issues Putin still unknown. Russia’s economic cooperation programs, including health care, energy development, the revitalization of the Far East industry, personnel exchanges and other 8 elements. The Japanese government draft shows that medical attention in Russia, will assist the construction of "the Japanese most advanced hospital", to provide high quality medical fully using the advanced technology "". The highest cost of the business is expected to be 25 billion yen. In the aspect of energy development, in addition to petrochemical plants, but also to promote, in Siberia, the Arctic Ocean coast of Sakhalin oil and gas development etc.. Business funds are being considered by the Japan International Cooperation Bank (JBIC) and private enterprises to invest in. In the Far East to revitalize the industry, improve the draft written and the operation will participate in the Khabarovsk International Airport, to reinforce the foundation of improving forestry and aquaculture production of construction, through the control of light and temperature to grow vegetables "plant factory" in the room. In terms of personnel exchanges, the draft cited the creation of ministerial level exchanges to promote the meeting, relax visa conditions, etc.. In addition, the draft also stated in the Tokyo electric power company for the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima reactors scrapped the joint research, to strengthen the postal service and network, the Arctic research field to strengthen cooperation with russia. On a series of cooperation projects in the financial investment, the Japanese government plans to set up in its Russian economic cooperation in the field to promote the meeting, the financial working group to accelerate the discussion.相关的主题文章: