Little P teacher coat who does not, I can wear more beautiful than you! candle june

Little P teacher: coat who does not, I can wear more beautiful than you! As an essential single product in winter, almost every girl’s wardrobe will have a coat, but it is very easy to mix with a bloated! Do not think to buy a coat for once and for all, a clothes wear is the secret to these items and coat are perfect oh! Wide leg pants coat is out of the field should be a single product, collocation is the combination of wide leg pants. Fashion week on the sidelines of the street to fashion bloggers are pursuing this approach, wide leg pants can not only cover up your leg shape defects, but also make you thin and stylish. The winter cold weather can also secretly in his pants on Long Johns warm and subtle, absolute! If you are not very confident about their height and do not want to wear high heels, you can wear a shirt and the length of the same width of the leg pants, the height will be quietly elongated! Jeans narrow leg jeans can make legs look thin and long summer, many girls dare not wear this skinny jeans, because of the small flaw on the leg can easily be found, pear shaped body girls on a coat would not have such troubles! Want to be full of women, you can wear micro horn jeans, with a X type of coat or belt is the best, so who dare to say you are not beautiful enough to wear! A lot of good winter leather pants figure of the girls are worried cannot show their good figure, in fact, a leather will give you a perfect opportunity. This season is not easy to have a thick clothes and wear layers, luster and soft leather coat collision together you will not worry about wearing a personality? No chopsticks leg, there is a wild heart, then wear a loose trousers. This, at the same time to cover defects will not interfere with your handsome! In a lot of city coat temperature is more and more low, a coat may not be cold! There is a very popular and fashionable way to wear is to wear two pieces of clothing, not only can play a role in keeping warm, but also with unexpected style! Sports baseball clothing collocation temperament of the camel coat made a nifty little woman taste. A chic suit can make the coat look more wide, do not worry about two coats look bloated, because the coat looks handsome and thin! A short section of the denim jacket and coat either with color or color can create a sense of hierarchy, the waist is a dress or a messenger bag that waist is better. You can fold clothes and coat is really too much, different color coat, cool leather, more suitable for the new fold wear depends on yours! Do not want to give up the winter dress full of women? You can wear a skirt to coat collocation ~ MIDI dress waist design and wide skirt not only thin, but also help you any coat elegant and charming temperament. Side slit skirt, pleated skirt skirt can collocation each seem to taste different, but want higher sensory color of the body not too rich enough, how bad girls can choose the same color coat skirt, different color texture can have subtle level. A scarf相关的主题文章: