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Liu Qiangdong voted 500 million, tea sister endorsement, because the taste of tea ambition? The small table technology – Sohu new media reporter Wang Yan abstract? The traditional restaurant chain brand, limited profit is the back-end supply chain? Machines instead of people, after a global standardization of tea business, Qin Mou 12 kilograms of fat. He said he was a fat man dressed in shorts and crowded subway from the first-class cabin Travel Executives sit. For the outside, Miu Qin has been very low-key, last year did not accept any media interviews, the reason is often because of the taste of tea is still very small." However, with McDonald’s COO and leopard CEO halo, Miu Qin the eyes of the public star entrepreneurs or get too much attention, he even shut down for a period of time the circle of friends, wrote "entrepreneurial things a bit complex, need to focus on meditation! Temporarily closed circle of friends, do not participate in entertainment!" Because taste tea is a young people at the market of tea chain brand, in February last year, Miu Qin with $ten million registered in Shanghai Neusoft catering Co. Ltd., more than a year, due to taste tea to get the Liu Qiangdong 500 million investment, 15 stores have opened in Shanghai, Beijing and other places, the acquisition of Little Swan small club founder Liao Weijia the tender Green Tea, became the largest tea chain brand, Miu Qin in the ambitions of remarkable tea. "Because taste tea spokesperson Zhang Zetian he did not conceal his determination, because taste tea must be my last job, this is my next ten years to do." The "standard" methodology see Miao Qin, he just flew from Beijing to Shanghai, a connection of three media interviews that his voice was hoarse, but also to participate in the interview after the end of CEIBS three day training courses, although has been a fast learning age, but he needs business continuous exposure to new things. In Beijing Huamao taste tea shop, spokesman of tea sister video broadcasting, sitting in the shop huge plants in front of the wall, Miu Qin, the 42 year old veteran entrepreneurs face more calm. Once, Qin Mou 18 years from a road sweeping to McDonald’s COO, is so far the first McDonald’s vice president of local history, and later served as a high-end food prices leopard CEO. One is the western fast food, a local self-help, such experience let Qin Mou now has enough clout to plan their own catering blueprint. Miu Qin is in Fujian, the first twenty years of his life, basically is in the big bubble in the tea. Compared to foreign hamburger and coffee, Miao Qin would like to make a local tea. 2009, study in the CEIBS Miu Qin his thoughts and discuss classmate Liu Qiangdong, the two hit it off, decided on Starbucks, do Chinese local tea brand. "Because taste tea store later, Qin Mou made a China tea market survey, such as half of the country at the time of Lipton tea brands occupy Chinese foreign market, the market capacity is large enough, China local tea is blank. He judged the time window in 2015 to 2020, China has the opportunity to be able to out of the local tea brand. "The first 60 cities in the country, there are about 8 tea shops, mainly.相关的主题文章: