Lou Yangsheng innovation in Taiyuan research and development zone system to create a new kinetic eng ca1834

Lou Yangsheng research and innovation in the Development Zone in Taiyuan to build a new engine of kinetic energy in September 20th, acting governor Lou Yangsheng in Taiyuan boiler group research. Newspaper reporter Ma Liming photo Shanxi daily (reporter Zhang Yun) September 12th, 20 and 21, on behalf of the governor of in the development and construction of research and Development Zone in Taiyuan. He stressed that to study and implement the important speech of general secretary series, according to the major ideas and requirements of the provincial Party committee "as a guide, two hands are hard", vigorously promote the park system and mechanism of the two innovation, and strive to build our province economy driven by innovation, transformation and upgrading of the new energy engine. Provincial leaders Gao Jianmin, Wu Zhenglong, and, respectively, to participate in the investigation of the investigation of the. In 3 days, Lou Yangsheng has investigated the Taiyuan economic and Technological Development Zone, hi tech Industrial Development Zone, stainless steel industrial park, development zone, Wu Shu private economy comprehensive bonded zone and the city of Shanxi science and technology innovation, inspected the industrial park construction, industrial agglomeration, enterprise development, the scene held 8 seminars, listen to the basic opinions and suggestions, coordinate and solve the difficulties and problems. He urged everyone to emancipate the mind, reform, and strive to build development zone has become an important platform, gathering advanced production elements of the transition comprehensive reform of the main battlefield and demonstration area, further play a vanguard role in the good development zone of the reform and opening up. In the city of Taiyuan, Puyang survived a field investigation in the park Foxconn, Shanxi coal laser technology, Taiyuan boiler group, Shanxi’s Voight and other enterprises, has listened to the introduction of heavy truck Jiangling, Tsingtao Brewery and other 17 enterprises, inspected the East Ring Expressway Niutuo village interchange project. He practices to pay close attention to the construction of infrastructure facilities in Taiyuan and the results achieved fully affirmed, encourage enterprises to technological innovation, product development, market development, leading to their respective industries a step by step in the field. He asked departments at all levels to do immediately, really hard work, active and efficient for enterprises to solve practical problems. On the afternoon of 21, had convened in Taiyuan city and provincial departments responsible person held a forum to further study the problem of the reform and development of Taiyuan city development zone. He said that after listening to their speeches, and the province is now in the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in an important historical juncture. Departments at all levels must establish a global vision, long-term vision, strategic thinking, and strive to promote economic innovation driven, transformation and upgrading, steady for the better. To follow the logic, set up big ideas, adhere to the understanding to lead the economic new normal as the logical starting point to promote the transformation and upgrading, innovation driven, adhere to the "five development" the new concept of mind, to guide practice and promote the work. To seize the opportunity, implement the strategy, seize the market forced, forced reform, environment forced major opportunities, and unswervingly promote the supply side structural reforms, determined not to walk the dependence on Coal Road, adhere to the innovation driven as the first strategy, the transformation and upgrading of the road along the walk firmly, walked out of a solid. Lou Yangsheng stressed that the construction of the Development Zone, the implementation of strategic decisions and arrangements of the provincial Party committee, must follow the economic law, to adapt to the development of regional characteristics, identify the short board, symptomatic measures and policies, institutional innovation, to create a new energy engine. To be unified.相关的主题文章: