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"Lover" tomorrow will reflect, express little brother through into "gun king" – Entertainment Sohu directed by Li Ming, Zou Yang, Wang Chenxi, Jiao Shan starred in the fantasy film "tomorrow lover" file September 1st the whole network released. The film tells the story of "love" the beauty of the steamed grass root courier Liu Xiaobei after the hit, through the night, become rich two generation "gun king" fantasy story. At the bottom of the city courier Liu Xiaobei every day of every hue girl delivery, by chance, Liu Xiaobei met Ann sweet bun goddess, since her obsession. Good buddy Taoge but that is still a virgin Liu Xiaobei for love goddess, the first to find a girl to practice. The innocent Liu Xiaobei insists on using his simple ways to love an sweet, until one night, Liu Xiaobei saw the goddess and rich two generations on the car together. Downhearted Liu Xiaobei drunk on the streets, I woke and found himself in the house, the man in the mirror handsome facial features, strong figure, had turned into a famous "gun king" – two rich generation Zhou Xianyang…… Pure virgin Liu Xiaobei turned "gun king" Zhou Xianyang, is lascivious open road, temple, still adhere to the beginning of the heart, sweet love continued safety? "Lover" in September 1st the whole network released tomorrow, fantasy story to explore the true meaning of love.相关的主题文章: