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Weight-Loss In recent years, low carb diets that work are requested more often by my personal training clients than any other type of diet. The reason they are so popular is probably because my clients see immediate results on the scale. After they have been cleared by their physicians to exercise and diet, I make sure that I give them these simple and effective, low carb diet tips. 1) Drink At least 8 Glasses Of Water Daily And, I don’t mean ice tea or diet sodas, I mean good old fashioned H2O! All low carb diets that work require drinking large quantities of water. Water is important because it causes the kidneys to continually be working at eliminating the fluids. This action helps prevent water retention, and keeps the weight loss steady. Individuals on a low carb diet will have to adjust their lifestyles to being close to a restroom at all times!Also, it is a good idea to spread the water consumption out over the course of a whole day. Most of the water should be consumed at least 3 hours before bedtime, to help prevent frequent trips to the bathroom during the night. 2) Exercise In Moderation Exercise helps to burn additional calories and boost the metabolism. The key to a successful exercise program is to start out slowly, in accordance to your fitness level. If it is within your means, hiring a personal trainer can be a good investment. Gradually increase the frequency and duration of your exercise program. Actually, simply increasing your activity level can make a difference in how rapidly you burn fat. A brisk walking program with a friend can help burn more fat, and be a social event at the same time! 3. Try Natural Diuretics And Supplements A diuretic is a substance that helps eliminate fluids and prevents water retention. Some natural diuretics are herbal teas, and even coffee. Sometimes it is also a good idea to take additional B vitamins and vitamin C, as they are washed away during elimination. Check with your physician before taking supplements on a low carb diet that works. About the Author: Earlier this year, I was approached by my clients to find good low carb diets. Many had made new year’s resoltions, and needed help. So I began researching ALL kinds of diets, in order to find diets that performed as advertised. I even tried a few myself! Most of my research was done online, and I also conducted some phone interviews with the creators of popular diet plans. I only found a few low carb diets that seemed to acheive very rapid weight loss, without sacrificing an individual’s energy levels. I rec.ended these diets as . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: