Madonna’s hand in the hand of Fan Bingbing sugus

Madonna’s hand in the hands of a fashion poison Fan Bingbing’s knee is more concerned with maintaining the face, but is often defeated by some small details, such as the knee of the, and the hands of the…. Recently Fan Bingbing wore a red bat sleeve dress attend some activities, dress fluttering Fan Bingbing walking wind, around a lot of bodyguards, Queen Fan Shizu. Fan Bingbing’s knee is just looking at how the muscles feel a lot of pictures to enlarge the look, good man legs ah, this is the goddess of the legs? But also a lot of sturdy legs, Fan Ye in front of the leg leg crooked! But a few days ago when the beat Iraq photo, Fan Bingbing’s legs or hemp rod legs ah, ponytail Fan Ye, a very casual dress so accustomed to Fan Ye ritual clothing we feel like seeing a stream, eyes bright, but it seems to be a credit to PS. The netizen says is Fan Ye Gauguin shoes more, and each table is high wear waterproof shoes, a pair of feet to handle heavy shoes need a lot of effort. So it will be a problem of shoes. Fan Bingbing looked at the knee we look at the hands of Madonna, but also a fashion poison! Us singer Madonna (Madonna) is 58 years old, but the years spent a lot of effort, time and money to maintain her facial skin, so it looks very smooth. Hey, but I always wear gloves? The day before, the answer has finally opened, and a hand gloves after that, like the roots of the same, in sharp contrast with the smooth face betrayed her true age. In fact, about 10 years ago, Madonna has been photographed by the media like. So she had to see people wearing gloves. For a time, she received about 2000 yuan a beauty treatment, to hand injection of vitamins and amino acid, hyaluronic acid and other substances, hand stimulate the production of collagen, make your hands full, wrinkles disappear completely white slip. Hand skin fresh, hands can finally exposed. But may be dilapidated, or McDonald’s now have enough self-confidence, no longer afraid of public comment recently her hands, so simply to "true colors" show, the most important is your comfort!相关的主题文章: