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Spirituality One might ask, What is spirituality and what does manifesting your spirituality mean? A spiritual life is always natural and normal. A spiritual person is a normal person, and most importantly, must be divinely practical in his or her day-to-day activities. In divine practicality, we realize that spirituality does not negate our outer life. We therefore pay close attention to the details of our daily life in a practical way and at the same time to our spiritual life within. We are not living two separate lives. Our spiritual life and our practical life can go together; they are one. Manifesting your spirituality is the same as trying to manifest anything. You must pay attention to it: think spiritual thoughts, feel spiritual feelings and take action with a spiritual attitude. Spiritual thoughts What kinds of thoughts are spiritual thoughts? Any thoughts that are forward looking, inspiring and positive are spiritual thoughts. When we are speaking our thoughts, our words must reflect that which is non-judgmental and that which elevates the consciousness. You can easily change a negative thought to a positive thought. Instead of thinking or saying, What a rainy, dreary day it is today! you might think or say something like, I am so grateful for the rain today. It will purify everything, nourish our gardens and freshen up outdoors. Spiritual feelings What kind of feelings are spiritual feelings? Instead of feeling condescension and superiority: I cant imagine that our neighbors will have the money to go on vacation this year; they are paying for two children to go to college. Instead, you might invoke your feelings of oneness and say, It is probably no sacrifice for our neighbors to stay home for the holidays this year, because they are doing something wonderful for their children by paying for their college tuition. Spiritual actions What kind of actions are spiritual actions? When we take action (which we do many times a day) we want to keep a positive and/or grateful attitude. Instead of doing work around the house in a slow and .plaining way, you might do it with a cheerful and grateful attitude for having such a clean and .fortable place in which to live. A very important spiritual action to put into place is to pray and meditate every day. This will support your efforts to think and speak spiritual thoughts and words, to feel spiritual feelings and to take action with a spiritual attitude. If you really want to live a spiritual life and manifest your spirituality, then make your prayer and meditation time part of your daily routine. Feel that it is what feeds and nourishes your soul. This is the best practice you can have in order to manifest whatever you want to be, do and have in your life. It is an intrinsic part of manifesting your spiritual life. Living a spiritual life When you consciously live your life in a more spiritual way, you try to have the feeling of universal oneness and the presence of something higher. This is of paramount importance. If you do not eat every day, you starve your body. Similarly, if you do not pay attention to your highest, then you are starving your spiritual self. At the end of your life what really matters? How will the value of your days be measured? What really matters is what you manifested with your souls light. What matters is not your success, but your contribution to others. What really matters is what you are Slowly, slowly, you can change your thoughts, feelings and actions to empower yourself to manifest your highest your spirituality. Everything that fulfills you divinely and practically, you can achieve and claim as your very own when you follow the spiritual life. Practice emptying your mind and heart of the noise that assails you daily and fill your mind and heart with the peace and light of your soul. You can ac.plish this through your discipline of prayer and meditation. In this way you can move toward your ideal self and manifest your spirituality. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: