Master these little tricks with baby, do not give sugar children do not trouble! Sohu –

Master these little tricks with baby, do not give sugar children do not trouble! Sohu – maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting handmade watercolor is too expensive, so the children toss up fee. Buy a box of colored chalk. The colored chalk in the box mill Riga water, stir it with a child on the ground of the graffiti. Children love to scribble on the floor by the graffiti is difficult to clean out. In fact, as long as the floor covered with a layer of plastic film, the problem is solved. It’s boring to take children out to travel. So you take a few windows stick it, and the children glued to the window, look at these cute little animals fly to the clouds, it is interesting, isn’t it? It’s easy to take off the plane. The children in the community to play, can draw a simple map on the ground, mark the home position on the map, and the surrounding shops, schools and other locations, let the children go from here to where, while familiar with the environment around home. While eating a popsicle melted child, always dirty clothes. Just find a plastic plate, the middle to dig a hole in the ice inside to eat, mom no longer have to worry about getting stains on clothes. Children love to draw pictures on the wall, as long as the use of water to replace the dye, the child painted a while on the dry, will not leave traces. When the child ate juicy fruits such as watermelon, his mother was worried about getting on the carpet or floor. Put the baby in the bathtub and OK. When you go out to play with children to bring some snacks, but some food from the refrigerator can be placed in the plastic box, the following can also add some ice, ensure that the baby food is not bad oh. Mothers in the cooking can be readily used potatoes or sweet potatoes to the child carved a few pictorial chapter. Children must play super happy. Mom can safely cook. Home of the carton also don’t throw out, let the children draw good on writing. You can also use cardboard boxes to the children to take their own "Castle"". Mom has an urgent need to do, but also worried about the safety of the baby, you can find a container with a lid, put the child’s favorite snacks into it. It takes a lot of time for the child to take out the snacks, and the mother can concentrate on doing her own thing. The back of the chair can stick some small hooks, convenient for mothers to hang up baby supplies. Children go to the supermarket with children always run, a little inattentive ran out of the mother’s line of sight. Cut off the tape of the unused bag, tie it to the shopping cart, tie it to the child’s wrist, and never have to worry about losing it. Together with the children to exercise it, so that the children are also involved in it, he will obediently obedient, will no longer make trouble. When kids play summer is too hot, can put the sponge cut into various shapes, get the temperature after hanging on the boy’s neck, can be refreshing. Worried about the child’s small hole in the socket? OK stretch stick on it, the child to avoid electric shock oh. A child is like a planter when he eats相关的主题文章: