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UnCategorized As we get older we be come more vulnerable to falls and accidents. It is just a way of our bodies informing us that the years of wear and tear are finally taking their toll. When a young person has a fall they are normally strong and mentally aware enough to raise the alarm and call for help. Unfortunately this is not the case for the elderly and senior society. While relatives will take steps to ensure that they have a land line telephone or even a mobile phone handy incase of emergencies they can become obsolete in times of high stress and traumatic circumstances. If an elderly person has a bad fall and cannot reach the landline to call for help what can they do? If they are fortunate enough to have a mobile telephone on their person do you think they will be aware enough under severe pain and trauma to be able to press the right tiny buttons in sequential order? Landline and mobile telephones are fine if all that needs to be covered is general communication. For urgent medical help they are far from ideal. What is needed is a round the clock system in place that provides complete medical protection in an emergency. Something so easy to use that it can be operated even under the most stressful and traumatic situations. Medical alarms or alerts as many people call them can provide all of this protection and more. The medical alarm system is very easy to set-up and can be installed in under five-minutes. It is just a matter of connecting up a monitor to a power supply by way of a plug and then connecting it with the telephone line. One more press of the activation button on the monitor is all you need to do to get connected. The alarm device is so simple to use. It should be worn on the person at all times (even in the shower) because it is completely waterproof. Most people prefer to wear them on the wrist like a watch or around their necks just like a pendent. Others like to attach them to their belts or even to their ankles. To activate the alarm you just need to press one large button and you will be immediately connected to the call center where friendly, highly trained staff will be able to assist you. They will ask you what the problem is and if you need urgent medical attention. If so the emergency services will be call out in an instant. The elderly persons relatives will also be informed of the situation. While you wait for the emergency services to arrive the staff at the call center will speak to you so you will not feel as though you are left alone. They will provide caring support until the ambulance arrives to take over the situation. The call center will also by now have informed the emergency services of your medical history and if there is any special medication you may be taking or you need to avoid because of allergies. All this information is provided by you once you sign up for the system and is kept securely on the database. Hundred of thousands of seniors have already seen the benefits of wearing a medical alarm or alert and they can provide suitable testimonials of instances where they have been used to great effect. In many cases they have been the difference between life and death. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: