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Nobel laureate Bbu Lhotzky’s "Introduction" — Reading — watermark publishing original title: "watermark" introduced and published by Shanghai Translation Publishing House said yesterday, Nobel prize winner Bbu Lhotzky’s prose masterpiece "Chinese edition published" watermark by the agency. In recent years, Brodsky’s "less than a" reason "and" sad prose set by domestic readers, and the "" is a fascinating portrait of the watermark picture of this beautiful city of Venice. In 1987 Joseph won the Nobel prize in literature? Brodsky is one of the few across one of the writers of English and Russian two worlds. On most occasions, he has been regarded as a Russian poet". However, in the United States and the western literature, Bbu Lhotzky’s most widely spread, more respected is his English prose, his first collection of essays "less than one" shocked the English literary world, "sadness and reason" also earned him a world-class reputation. In the "watermark", he will see the pen at the end of each side of the Venice, from waterways, streets, buildings, and people to the political, local customs and practices and traditional delicacy, Venice natural and cultural show. What’s more, the city has become a part of Bbu Lhotzky’s life experience, and the watermark is the only one of his essays, which is the largest and the most translated literary works. In addition, the press recently launched the "complete works of Borges in the second series, a total of 12 species, is Borges’s poetry collection, including the 1923 he self published the first collection of poems" Buenos Aires passion ", and are included in the last century, from 20s to 80s, he published a Book of poetry" in front of the moon? "The poet Saint Martin notes." "tiger" golden "" night story "" days ". (reporter Tian Chao) (commissioning editor Ou Xingrong and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: