Protect Your Wedding Day With Wedding

Marriage-Wedding With the average cost of a wedding in the UK being about 15,000 ($22,000), it makes excellent sense to have wedding insurance to cover yourself in case something goes wrong. Although many people do not even want to think about such things, when planning a wedding, or any important event, you should always keep one golden rule in mind – hope for the best – and plan for the worse. That is what makes a good event planner. For example, what if the groom or a member of your family ill and the wedding has to be postponed? Although you may be able to arrange another date with your suppliers, they will still want paid for the cancellation. After all, it is not their fault that you had to cancel and they run a business. If they did not charge you a cancellation fee, then they would be out of pocket. If you have wedding insurance, then you will have the money to pay the cancellation fees and pay for the new wedding date. No one will be out of pocket. Another, not too un.mon, scenario is where the venue tells you at the last moment that they are double-booked and you will have to find another venue. Assuming you can find another venue, what if it is more expensive than the original venue? You would have to pay the difference. What happens if one of your wedding suppliers goes bankrupt and you have to pay again for the wedding cake, wedding cars, flowers, photographs? A good wedding insurance policy will cover all of these situations and more. Good policies from reputable .panies can cost anywhere from 40-150 ($60-$220), depending on the amount of cover you want. Another good thing about wedding insurance is that it includes Public Liability Insurance. This is a very neglected area of wedding planning. If a wedding guest, a member of staff, or a passing member of the public is injured by something that happens at your wedding, then you could be liable and sued. Remember that many wedding venues, such as hotels will open to the public and other guests. So, you have to take reasonable precautions to ensure that your bridal party and guests conduct themselves with due care and avoid damage to property or injuring other people. However, if an accident does happen and you have Public Liability insurance, then you will be covered. Do not assume that because you are having your wedding at a venue that their public liability insurance will cover you. Not so. Their insurance is to protect them from claims – not you. It is your wedding, your event, and you must make sure that you are covered and protected from claims. The last thing you need after you are married is spending money on lawyers fees rather than on your new house. Many department stores and reputable insurance .panies are offering Wedding Insurance now. So, shop around and see what they have to offer. After all, 60 or $80 is very little to pay for the peace of mind that these policies offer for one the most important days of your life. Have a lovely and well-insured wedding! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: