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The first step is to protect the uterus, happy good pregnancy baby pictures from the network of Sohu since two-child policy after the release, Lili colleagues began to actively prepare pregnant, ready for the small family adds newcomer. But in a blink of an eye has been more than a year, but her stomach still no movement. She could not help but start to worry, go to the hospital to do a series of checks, and found himself out of the womb a little problem, serious uterine cavity adhesions, leading to difficulties in pregnancy. According to statistics, more than 30 women over the age of the world, about 1/4 of the annual infection of uterine disease. Since the birth of women into the womb as the cradle of the baby, began their important mission. However, the uterus is fragile, often encounter an accident such as repeated abortion, especially artificial abortion. Curettage is endometrial thinning, and intrauterine adhesions is due to pathological phenomenon of endometrium after damage. The picture from the network is Lili in four or five Dabao before and after abortion. Before marriage is not, then busy. In short, there are reasons of abortion have to, always think that they are young, good health is no problem. But now it seems that a lot of people’s youth is composed of puppy love, abortion, and abortion was billed as a small cannot again small operation, with to do with, you can immediately leave the end. So this one and repeat the process of pregnancy, abortion. Fortunately, from pregnancy to birth Dabao had relatively smooth, not his concern. So she is not particularly care about their own protection. Only occasionally feel abdominal discomfort, especially in the period before and after the discomfort is particularly evident. She always thought that is common gynecological problems, buy yourself some lotion after washing will settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Until now was pregnant two treasure, only to find that the seriousness of the problem, regret a previous mistake. Picture from the network, in fact, recurrent miscarriage, multiple pregnancy, feculent sexual life and sexual life disorder will bring fatal damage to the uterus. However, these situations are also avoidable. As a woman, we must know how to protect themselves, choose the most suitable for their own protection measures. Whether through the use of condoms, or oral contraceptives, as well as emergency contraception, can achieve the purpose of preventing pregnancy, to the greatest extent to protect their bodies. If you have to have surgical termination of pregnancy, to choose a regular hospital, according to the results of the examination, follow the doctor’s advice to do regular operation, and have enough rest after operation. Give yourself plenty of time to recuperate and adjust, so as not to leave a hangover. I wish you all good!相关的主题文章: