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Reading, let the child’s pace slow down – Sohu maternal and child mentioned earlier, the child is a concrete thinking, they are more likely to accept the stimulation of image information, the description of the text is of little interest. So the children alone in the reading book, particularly fast. The old saying "fell faster than the book, I always do not understand how fast the book, now finally realized. The children will find the place you are interested in reading, especially in a special love of the picture, anxious to share with all the people who do not know about this, it is our starting point to guide their children early reading — interest. With interest, how to make their lasting fermentation, rather than a flash in the pan, you need a parent or teacher to guide the child to play in the picture from the picture, the thin picture of the interpretation of the possibility of a complete story. For example, see "red bean porridge mother" this book, skimming link: every picture is a picture of the progressive plot, from the appearance of the tiger to eat red bean porridge to her mother, crying and various small friends, in the end we should work together to defeat the tigers, after simple read children have a preliminary cognition; reading link: we will pause in each picture, don’t turn to look behind the content, but to guide the children to observe the picture, what? Behind the appearance of the children here do not appear in the interesting book dialogue, let the children experience every time a child to help her mother-in-law, mother-in-law tone to speak, this is the child a preliminary cognition emotion; extension link: once again see the book, the children’s increased interest not only because they are familiar with, the development of the story, we brought the simple imitation, such as awl, turtle, smelly Baba, Mats and other out of action, when the tigers came out, different moves all the children, these children are interested in the content, because we let the picture book "live" up. Reading, reading should slow down, should let the children irritable and impatient temper to slow down, it is important that we as a practitioner of parent-child reading, how to guide, it is worth every parents think about.相关的主题文章: