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"Reckless waste Ji" and then exposed women to join Hawick Lau   Wang Ou oriental legend – entertainment channel, oriental legend "blockbuster" reckless waste Ji preparation, have led to heated debate, all users have to guess a number to play the Yu Wei. Recently, the official broke up finalized by Wang Ou played the role of heroine Yu Wei, and exposed the figure of the Wei Wei figure and four weapons set figure. Other graph king Oumei if fairy, let the fans praising the film side casting intentions. "Jungle Ji" TV series by Beijing Tianyue Oriental Culture Media Co. Ltd. produced, Shanghai Yinrun Media Advertising Co., Ltd. and Yunnan golden color film Co., Ltd. jointly produced horizon. In the exposure of the two figures in the picture, a Yu Wei proudly erect, long hair shawl scattered, shoulders ribbons swaying in the wind, white collar and red pattern noble, whole body wine red dress, quiet calm, in the jungle. A wisp of sunshine, dazzling light was visible, with the falling petals, as Yu Wei elegant posture with a little tenderness. Another figure, Yu Wei Nangong holding the sword, the sky, at the foot of the magnificent mountain stands, faintly visible, meandering rivers turn 100 thousand fold, glittering. Yu Wei himself appeared on the sky, calm calm, beautiful posture, wine red dress, flying with the wind, the petals scattered, glance, a soft, like to from the picture out, until nine. The two section of Yu Wei shapes static action, show amorous feelings. It is reported that Wang Ou’s "Yu Wei" and his past "fire rainbow Fairy" is still inextricably linked, she forget the past marriage, in the field of Chi Ming was born miezu disaster. Yu Wei was only rescued to the black and white temple Taoist school, and Taoist worship hall to the teacher, a practicing Qigong, and until the Ji Ning et al. Meet the fate of the gear is rotated again, the twists and turns, and partners together to save the world, Yu Wei finally understand what love is. Along with the exposure and Yu Wei figure map has four weapons set map, we can see from the Ji Ning weapon "North sword", the body is slender and sharp, a symbol of inclusive fusion "circle" shape above the hilt design, simple but elegant decorative scabbard, gentle gentleman; Yu Wei weapon Nangong sword, slender blade hard-edged, colorful gems inlaid with exquisite details, sword, scabbard with ruby cast, slightly suffused with light rain, like friendship contains two groups; the rest is a weapon, "Hao que sword", a spiral hollow blade is very eye-catching, dark color to inexplicable pressure, the users of the hearts of the wild one "is completely unmasked; leaf blade green Mingjian", such as the shape of two pieces connected leaves, panicle branches spread like a sword, like a The wind, there will be crisp "leaf Ming" with the wind. It is worth mentioning that Wang Ou and Hawick Lau are two co starred in the TV series the couple, "reckless waste Ji", "Ji Ning" Hawick Lau played a positive and optimistic, brave adventure; Wang Ou plays the "Yu Wei", hot cold, calm and stable, the difference in character sets the audience curious about what would happen to the plot of the collision? Really looking forward to them again in the jungle world, a hot cospectrum)相关的主题文章: