Risk appetite continues to subside and Australian dollar pressure drops sharply-brock lesnar

The risk preference of the Australian dollar continues to recede sharply lower pressure Huitong news network February 24th – Wednesday, the Aussie resistance. Asia Pacific stock market weakness, the market for commodity prices and the global economic growth again worried. The Australian dollar, the lowest reach 0.7170, lower than 0.7233 on Tuesday. Wednesday, Asian stocks Pudie, energy and financial stocks particularly the decline. Hongkong’s Hang Seng Index fell 1%, Australia’s ASX 200 index fell 1.5%, Japan’s Nikkei index fell 0.8%. Investors worried about oil prices continued to decline, the pace of global economic growth slowed further, a decline in the expansion today. Taking the brunt crude oil disc market rose, fell to $32.95 a barrel at 1%. Previously, Saudi Arabia and Iran has denied cut or frozen capacity may. National Australia bank currency strategist Ray Attrill said last week, investors generally see more Australian dollars, but this week some people have been "mutiny". He added: "they may be overly optimistic on the Australian dollar." IMM position data, the position of the fund is still in a net state. According to data released on Wednesday, Australia wage growth still at historic lows. On Wednesday, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said that the fourth quarter dividend deduction of wages seasonally adjusted growth of 0.5%, an increase of 2.2%. Wage growth fell to a record low value, but also to consolidate at the end of 2015 jobs growth prospects. The Reserve Bank of Australia to cut interest rates to maintain a wait-and-see attitude, since May last year, the benchmark interest rate has been maintained at 2%. On Thursday the upcoming fourth quarter of business investment is expected to remind people of economic data facing current. In recent years, mining investment fell cliff style, this year the trend of decline may still change. Therefore, the long-term point of view, the Australian dollar outlook is still not too much to see high. 13:44 Beijing time, the Australian dollar reported 0.717881. Enter [Sina Finance shares] discussion

风险偏好继续消退 澳元汇价承压大幅走低   汇通网2月24日讯——周三,澳元涨势遇阻。亚太股市走软,市场对于大宗商品价格及全球经济增速再起忧心。   澳元兑美元日内最低触及0.7170,低于周二的0.7233。   周三,亚洲股市普跌,能源和金融类股票跌幅尤甚。香港恒生指数下跌1%,澳大利亚ASX 200指数下挫1.5%,日本日经指数下跌0.8%。投资者担忧油价继续下滑、全球经济增速步伐进一步放慢,澳元今日跌幅扩大。   布伦特原油回吐亚盘早市的涨幅,目前下跌1%到32.95美元 桶。此前,沙特和伊朗先后否定了减产或冻结产能的可能。   澳洲国民银行汇率策略师Ray Attrill说,上周投资者还普遍看多澳元,但本周一些人已经“叛变”。他补充说:“他们对澳元可能有些过度乐观。”   IMM持仓数据显示,基金持仓依然处于净多状态。   周三发布的数据显示,澳大利亚工资增速仍旧处于历史低位。周三,澳大利亚统计局称,四季度扣除红利工资季调环比增长0.5%,同比增长2.2%。工资增速降至历史低值,也巩固了2015年末就业岗位的增长前景。澳洲联储因此对降息保持观望态度,去年5月以来,基准利率一直维持在2.0%。   周四即将发布的四季度商业投资数据预计会提醒人们——经济面临逆流。近几年,矿业投资出现断崖式下跌,今年下滑态势可能依旧难改。因此长线来看,澳元兑美元走势前景仍不宜过多看高。   北京时间13:44,澳元兑美元报0.7178 81。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: