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Business What is ROI Unlimited and how can it create massive wealth for you? We will get into that but first I want to talk about something going on right now… There is a major conflict of interest going on in the network marketing industry that I want to address. Disclaimer: Before you get into this, I want to be clear about one thing. This is NOT an attack on the network marketing industry. It’s simply meant to open your eyes that there is a BETTER way to be successful within the industry. In fact, I believe that the network marketing industry is the BEST industry to be in on the planet. It’s the one industry where (if done right), dreams of financial, time, and lifestyle freedom can be achieved in a massive way by people of ANY experience level or in.e level. Basically… it’s the one industry (if approached correctly) that makes life changing wealth more readily available to the masses than any other industry on the planet. But, it’s this idea of the industry being able to produce wealth for the “masses” that I want to discuss in more detail. You see, as I said above, the industry is constantly being touted as the one industry that makes creating incredible, life changing wealth accessible to the “masses,” or to the “average Joe.” The reality is… most .panies in this industry are chewing up and spitting out the “average Joe” with no remorse. The reality is that the odds of being successful in most network marketing .panies are so highly stacked against the “masses” that a reported 98%-99% of all people get pummeled by the industry and are tossed out of it broke and broken hearted in 90 days or less. The sad reality is… most network marketing .panies make it very “unrealistic” for most of it’s business owners (up to 99% of them) to create any wealth at all. Now, this is not to say that you cannot make money in this industry. There are millionaires created in the industry all the time. And, I already stated that I think it’s the BEST industry to be in on the planet. The problem is that with most network marketing .panies, it is all or nothing. It is feast or famine in this industry. Virtually all of the money in a network marketing business is made by less than 1% of it’s business owners. So, some of you may be saying… “well, that’s how the world works!” And that’s 100% true. That IS how the world works. But, the beauty of the network marketing industry, the allure of the industry… is that it can be the ESCAPE from the typical reality that most live every day. It’s supposed to be a place where if you work hard, you have a “realistic” chance at creating an in.e that truly represents your “worth.” An in.e that gives you the financial, lifestyle, and time FREEDOM that you desire. Problems with MOST Network Marketing .panies: & the Solution with ROI Unlimited 1. To create a lifestyle changing in.e, you must build a team into the hundreds, or even thousands. ** With ROI Unlimited, you can start making thousands of dollars with no personal sponsoring required ** 2. To maintain your lifestyle changing in.e, you must maintain or rebuild your team of hundreds or thousands each month. ** Again, with ROI Unlimited, there are no big downlines to maintain to keep creating in.e because you work WITH the whole team to help everyone create wealth ** 3. The upfront money earned in most network marketing .panies is too small to support any serious growth. ** With ROI Unlimited Massive $500, $5000, and $20,000 .missions, PLUS $1000 and $2000 bonuses mean big growth can happen, fast. ** 4. Most network marketing .pensation plans (especially 2×2 and 2×3 matrices) don’t offer incentive for the leaders to support their term in the longterm. ** With ROI Unlimited you make $1000 and $2000 leadership bonuses when your teammates cycle. ** 5. Autoships of products people do not want, result in people canceling their autoships and STOPPING your in.e ** No autoships with ROI Unlimited. A tiny, one time ever start up gets you going. ** I could go on and on about all of the ways that ROI Unlimited is making massive wealth REALISTICALLY achievable to the masses, but I think you should be getting it by now. The ROI Unlimited 2×3 “Follow Me” matrix makes wealth possible for people of ANY in.e or experience level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: