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Sea Vocational College and Nanyang combined to carry out environmental protection activities, – Hainan windows Hainan windows in Haikou in October 9, recently, for the first time the student environmental protection volunteer service learning activities kicked off at Hainan College of Vocation and Technique and NanYang Polytechnic jointly launched the singapore. Agricultural Industrial Park 10 students from Singapore 27 students of NanYang Polytechnic and Institute of tourism sea vocational college is composed of "youth play" environmental protection volunteer service group in the mangroves on September 25-28 in Haikou Dongzhaigang nature reserve, China historical and cultural village, Lin Cun, Ding’an County high school Yongfeng Ding’an County and Haikou LUONIUSHAN planting mangrove plants, ancient villages, repair and protection of environmental protection knowledge, love education and share in the meat slaughter workshop and cold chain logistics center volunteer service activities. Environmental protection volunteer service launch ceremony of Haikou mangrove planting mangrove plants and pupils entertaining interactive two students in environmental volunteer activities enthusiastically sharing, vigorously promote the concept of environmental protection, the practice of the dedication of the spirit of volunteerism, show a positive spirit, establish a good image of contemporary college students have the courage to play, warmly welcomed by the local villagers and students. It is reported that the new school student volunteer service activities in the environmental protection, education and cultural exchange activities for the first time to carry out international understanding and sea Vocational College The Belt and Road Singapore along the country, promote friendly exchanges in education of new schools, make efforts to promote the new peoples people connected engineering. The volunteer service learning activities as our school and Singapore NanYang Polytechnic routine humanities exchange project will be held every year in the future. (Qiu Dandan) (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)

海职院与新加坡南洋理工联合开展环保活动–人民网海南视窗–人民网 人民网海南视窗海口10月9日电 近日,海南职业技术学院与新加坡南洋理工学院联合开展的首次学生环保志愿服务学习活动拉开帷幕。 来自新加坡南洋理工学院的27名学生及海职院旅游学院的10名学生组成的“青春有担当”环保志愿服务团于9月25-28日分赴海口东寨港红树林自然保护区、中国历史文化名村定安县高林村、定安县永丰学校及海口罗牛山农业产业园开展种植红树植物、古村落修缮保护、分享环保知识、爱心支教及在肉类屠宰车间和冷链物流中心进行志愿服务等活动。 环保志愿服务启动仪式 海口东寨港红树林种植红树植物 与小学生们寓教于乐的互动 两校学生在环保志愿活动中积极参与、热情分享,大力宣传绿色环保理念,践行了甘于奉献的志愿服务精神,展现了积极向上的精神风貌,树立了当代大学生勇于担当的良好形象,受到了当地村民及师生的热烈欢迎。 据悉,此次中新两校学生环保志愿服务活动,是海职院与一带一路沿线国家新加坡开展的首次国际理解教育和人文交流活动,促进了中新两校的教育友好交流,为推动中新两国人民的民心相通工程做出了努力。此次志愿服务学习活动作为我校与新加坡南洋理工学院常规人文交流项目今后将每年定期举行。(邱丹丹) (责编:王宁、蒋成柳)相关的主题文章: