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A new second aircraft ARJ21 regional jet delivery of Chengdu airlines, Chinese central enterprises News Network — the authority released the central enterprises, the SASAC, local state-owned enterprises to the latest news, original title: new second aircraft ARJ21 regional jet delivery of Chengdu Airlines Chinese Civil Aviation Administration issued a nationality registration certificate, the Chengdu Airlines single airworthiness card (AC) and radio station license to Chengdu airlines on behalf of Jin Zhuanglong unit to key symbol deliveries in September 29th, as the implementation of the main large aircraft project, but also the overall dry aircraft development and achieve the main carrier of China’s civil aircraft industry China commercial aircraft company delivered second aircraft ARJ21 regional jet to Chengdu Airlines the aircraft company in Shanghai. This marks the steady progress of China’s regional jet aircraft forward industrialization goals. The brief ceremony, the Civil Aviation Administration of China issued a nationality registration certificate, to Chengdu Airlines stand-alone airworthiness certificate (AC) and radio station license; China commercial aircraft company chairman Jin Zhuanglong to the Chengdu aviation unit to represent aircraft keys; after Chengdu Airlines ARJ21 aircraft captain Zhang Fang led the crew, the aircraft took off from the airport to Dachang. Chengdu. In June 28th this year, the first ARJ21 aircraft was officially put into operation route, opened the road of development of civil aircraft industry in china. Early operation, in line with the principle of steady development, Chengdu airlines to Chengdu based route operations, every Tuesday, four, from Chengdu and Shanghai. As of September 28th, aircraft a total of 35 commercial passenger flights, flight, the flight rate of more than 90%, sales and income level is good, the total number of passengers in the ARJ21. Chengdu Airlines has trained 8 ARJ21 aircraft pilots to meet the existing aircraft capacity requirements; 30 cabin crew flying through the route and assessment, successfully passed the qualification to participate in the operation of the route. Second aircraft delivered aircraft from the delivery of the first aircraft aircraft all economy class layout, mixed class layout, the whole machine 78 seat cabin with first-class cabin, business class and economy class. This gives passengers a new choice to take the ARJ21 new feeder aircraft. Since the first aircraft delivery operations, China commercial aircraft company timely listen to customer feedback and market feedback, strictly comply with the airworthiness requirements, constantly optimize the airplane cockpit and other local details, efforts to improve the passenger experience, to provide support for airline operations. At present, the first operation of the ARJ21-700 aircraft is performing routine C. According to the "report" maintenance review board (MRBR) the relevant provisions of the aircraft flight hour cycle ratio, and calendar day landing cycle ratio reaches a predetermined number when the need for routine inspection of the aircraft, in order to meet the requirements of the airworthiness of the aircraft. According to Chengdu airlines operating plans, second ARJ21 aircraft will be the first and the first aircraft to perform the same flight route, then according to the allocation of resources and development strategy to open up new routes. In order to speed up the industrialization process of the regional jet aircraft, China commercial flight company is speeding up the establishment of production quality assurance system to meet the requirements of airworthiness regulations of our country, and strive to promote the production license (PC) forensic work相关的主题文章: