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Medicine Causes of acne breakouts and what you can do about it The causes of acne breakouts cannot be linked to just one underlying reason and there are variety of factors at work that .bine to cause sudden, unwanted breakouts. And it is a condition that does not go away if you do not know the causes of acne. Hence it pays to know what causes acne and how you can prevent it. Lack of hydration Hydration is a must for healthy cells in the body. It promotes growth of skin cells and it gives your skin cells the necessary moisture it needs to stay healthy. Therefore, hydration is a must to have great skin. The lack of it can cause acne breakouts by the dozens. Stress Stress can lead to hormonal inbalance and this can lead to successive break outs in acne. This is a case for most people working long hours. One simple solution to offsetting stress is to do daily meditation. This decreases stress and tension and gets the body back to a normal state. Personally, i believe that meditation is very essential to good health. Grime, dirt and Bacteria Very often when we touch our faces with our hands, what we are doing is transferring bacteria, grime and dirt to our skin that induces acne, blackheads and whiteheads. Overproduction of sebum Sebum is actually oil production that clogs your pores. This will result in whitehead and blackheads if it is not controlled. Therefore having a strict skin care regiment is necessary. While the production of Sebum cannot be controlled, one can find measures that influence better skin. And skin care is a must if one were to look good. To have a good skin care regiment, one can incorporate a relatively cheap and new skin care technique called Nanodermabrasion which is a technique that aids in removing microscopic bacteria, dirt and grime while giving one a deep cleanse of the skin removing over produced sebum. When one does that, you can be sure of less breakouts. Dr Nicholas is skin care enthusiast and dermatologist.Very often, he is called upon as guest speakers to speak at several skin care seminars. He is also the author of several books such as Secrets of great skin revealed, secrets to making your skin glow naturallyNicholass free ebooks are jam packed with fantastic tips, articles and advice on how to get the skin you want. More recently, he is even one of the pioneers of a skin care technique that makes use of nanotechnology.Subscribe by sending a blank email to [email protected] or CLICK HERE for more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: