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Home-Appliances As the owner of AAA Airwaves Air Conditioning and Heating, Dean Matthews, an HVAC contractor in Okaloosa, Florida, explains that there is a standard 24-point check inspection that he re.mends that homeowners receive twice a year. Ideally, he says, you should schedule to have this .pleted once in the spring as the weather starts to be.e warmer, and again in late fall before you expect to start using the heat in your home. Like many homeowners, besides switching it on and off, you probably dont spend too many hours of your day worrying about your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. You may be under the assumption that if the unit turns on and cools and warms your home on demand, that everything is working properly. Unfortunately, that isnt always the case. Just because your system is working fine today doesnt mean that it will work the same way tomorrow. However, instead of waiting for tomorrow to .e, your local HVAC .pany is more than equipped to perform preventative maintenance so that your unit performs to your expectations all year long. The goal of the maintenance inspection is to confirm that your HVAC system is in great working condition and that any problems that the technician discovers are taken care of before they escalate and cause your system to malfunction. With the right inspections, your summers will feel cooler and your winters warmer since you know that you wont have to worry about encountering any problems with your heating and cooling system. Here, I would explain some of the key areas of a homes HVAC system that my team and I pay particular attention to during routine check-ups: 1.Freon: The most important thing to check is the Freon level, since the .pound plays such an important role in keeping your AC unit running smoothly. While Freon will ideally last in your unit indefinitely, even a small leak can be.e a large problem. According to the Environmental Protection Agencys regulations, depleted Freon levels can be refilled in an AC unit just once. If a second leak occurs, then you will need to make the necessary repairs to rectify the problem or replace the unit all together. 2.Drain Lines: We will clean out the drain lines leading to and from the HVAC system because any backup in the drains could lead to excess water build-up. 3.Heating Strips: When you have your unit examined before the winter season, we pay particular attention to the heat strips to make sure that they are properly working and dont need to be replaced. 4.Electrical Connections: All of the wires associated with your HVAC system are closely examined to determine that they are all in proper working condition, and that they are not loose, frayed, or damaged. Any problems with an electrical connection can cause the wire to burn or the unit to short out. In addition, by making sure that your HVAC system is in top shape and running efficiently, you will find that your energy bills will decrease as well. So instead of spending your extra earnings covering your monthly bills, you can start to plan your summer getaway. If you need a reliable and experienced HVAC contractor in Okaloosa and Walton counties, then AAA Airwaves Air Conditioning and Heating is a wise choice. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: