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Spend 200 thousand to buy Kunlun jade for the jade jade firm lost $100 thousand this day, Beijing, Mr. Ma deliberately call the Xiaoshan district market authority, said the thanks. During the National Day holiday, he was in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District, a hotel jade firms spend 200 thousand to buy jade goods not board, the complaint was quickly resolved. "Eleven" holiday, Mr. Ma to hang a tourist hotel in Xiaoshan. October 5th, Mr. Ma on the first floor of the lobby of the jade firm bought four pieces of Kunlun jade, paid a total of 200 thousand yuan. After returning to Beijing, Mr. Ma to find someone to identify and find themselves to buy jade is Afghan jade rather than Kunlun jade, lower value. Ma dialed 12315 telephone complaints, asking for a refund, after receiving the complaint, Chengxiang immediately launched an investigation. Law enforcement officers found that firms produce purchase bill did not specify the kind of jade, jade identification certificate attached with is also very likely to be false, they immediately rushed to the hotel to conduct on-the-spot inspection of the jade firm. Inspection found that the store rented the hotel site, a business license, balance of independence, also a "live shop transfer". "It is difficult to distinguish between types of jade, just understand the criteria for lack of pedestrian." Listen to the complaints of Mr. Ma, firm sophistry. Understanding of the situation, the staff will be responsible for the dispute to the hotel responsible person to do a reflection, but also suggested that Mr. Ma and the firm will be sent to the authorities to identify jade. Mr Ma said the distance is not convenient to Hangzhou, preferably by phone coordination, and put forward can not return, compensation can be in accordance with the real price of jade. In order to properly resolve disputes, law enforcement officers found the firm responsible person, the interpretation of the relevant provisions of the "law" the relevant consumer rights and obligations of the operators, to business integrity, to determine if the attached certificate information is false, is likely to face heavy penalties. Through the staff on duty, the hotel side and the jade business and consumer Ma repeated communication and consultation, jade business eventually agreed to refund 100 thousand yuan to Mr. Ma, Ma is very satisfied with this. Source: Hangzhou daily   Author: reporter Chai Yueying   correspondent: Wang Wei, Ni Danping相关的主题文章: