Spurs renew the team’s most important person by his top5 giants compete ca1805

The most important person on his contract Tottenham team and TOP5 clubs Erickson and Tottenham signed sports news September 7th (the Tencent DAN KILPATRICK ESPN author Erickson) a formal contract until 2020, the Tottenham on both short and long term development, is absolutely good. At the moment, there is no other player like Erickson who can be the most important player in the team. Erickson since the beginning of March this year and Tottenham have been negotiating to renew things, but until the local time this Tuesday, Erickson formally agreed a two-year contract with the club, a $75 thousand, jumped and Harry Kaine, Loris and Mela among the Lai, pull the Tottenham top5 list. Erickson’s contract with Tottenham is also a lengthy soap opera, and even coach Pochettino every week in the media to answer questions about his contract renewal. You know, in the past this summer, when most of his teammates are in time for the national team desperately, Erickson spent holidays, which is why Erickson at the beginning of the season three games is not the reason in the state. In the Spurs 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace, Pochettino is particularly dissatisfied with the performance of Erickson, and Crystal Palace, but also on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur, 100th of the Premier League to participate in the game in the Premier League, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. Although boqiedinuo insisted Erickson’s status was not influenced by any thing, but in the game, Erickson replaced the Crystal Palace is still showing Argentina boss doubts. Erickson has agreed to Tottenham in the international contract before the game, and in Denmark 1-0 Armenia scored the only goal of the game, the Spurs on Saturday, Storck will challenge the city, we will also observe the state of Erickson in the club. Pochettino Erickson also know that the importance of Tottenham, Pochettino tends to the kind of competitive state is very high in the Tottenham player, coach this year, Erickson is the most consistent with the standard player Pochettino. The Pochettino boss also said he would like to sign a "more direct, more aggressive" type of striker in Argentina before he persuaded the club owner to sign Sissoko for 30 million. But if Sissoko has his own character, then Erickson is no exception. Pochettino’s tactical system, Erickson is always in the game can run a greater range sometimes a game down can run 13 kilometers, Erickson a person can be driven up the whole team rhythm, and he moves flexibly to a teammate can provide more space for activities. When Sissoko, Ali and Lamela in front to do with the convergence, Erickson’s ability to read the game is particularly prominent. If Tottenham do not have Erickson, they lose the creativity of the game – this is the time of last season, when Erickson injured. Erickson scored 6 goals in the last 33 league games, plus a further 13 assists. Although there are players like DELL, Erickson and Harry Kaine, but the role of Tottenham in the Spurs now相关的主题文章: