Success Comes From Within-queer as folk

Inspirational Vishwas Mahale begins by quoting the lines of the American novelist and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson that success is a factor that comes from within us rather than something, which comes from outside of us. It is the unshakable belief in oneself that leads to the road to success. One only has to realize the potential that is within oneself in order to succeed, unless one realizes that, one cannot even fathom the power that is lying dormant within oneself, waiting to be harnessed. In order to make us aware of the unused potential within us and guide us as how to use it in order to succeed, Vishwas enlists a few laws like The Law of Change, The Law of Continual Belief, etc. Within these laws he states some dos and donts which will help us to recognize and harness our innermost potential. For example, within the Law of Deliberate Creation he enlists a few steps that will an individual to become a deliberate creator. None of these rules or values that he states are complex as rocket science, instead they are the simplest of day to day actions that will allow a person to bring about a change in oneself which will lead to the recognition of ones unused potential in order to lead one to the path of success. In the fourth law that he states- The Law of Attraction, he gives three steps that will initiate thinking which leads to attraction. Vishwas has very deep, insightful and philosophical thoughts about the laws that he writes, he shows how mans inner nature is in a positive relation with the world outside. By looking within oneself and realizing ones potential, one can be at one with the cosmos. He does not merely talk about philosophical ideas to transform oneself but also uses the psychoanalytical principles in order to tell us about the power of the subconscious mind. He enlists very scientific and psychoanalytical methods like Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Linguistic Programming in order to help us utilize the powers of the subconscious mind to the fullest. However, like the one of the early chapters of this book, the author also tinges his philosophies about The Laws of Success with a dose of spirituality towards the end of this chapter. He talks about universal laws that are put in place by God and these laws are superior to laws framed by the mortal man. The first step towards obeying the universal laws is to start obeying your own laws. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: