The Best And The Easiest Potty Training

I bet many parents are looking for the best potty training technique. So, don’t waste your time. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy this piece of writing. I call it the ABC’s Toddlin’ Steps Guide. You won’t have to make it to Z, but by the time you get to J, your toddler will be on his potty training way! The ABC’s Toddlin’ Steps There’s one helpful tip before we get ready for A. I find that it always makes potty training run a little smoother if you give your toddler as much liquids as he wants to drink during training! Think about it! It does make sense, huh? If you give him lots of water then he’ll want to potty more, right? The downside is you don’t want him to have to potty after he’s gone to bed. This increases the chance that he may have to potty in his sleep. Okay, let’s move on to Step A. A. Interest in containers This game is the oldest toddler game in history, but it works! Play this with your toddler on a daily basis. You put the blocks into containers. You can then watch your toddler take them out. Then, play the game in reverse. This game shows your toddler that it’s okay to put things into a container. Get it? Eventually, he’ll want to put his bowel movements into the potty as well. You can expand on the game by using just about anything you have around the house. B. Let baby play with toilet I know what you’re thinking. I didn’t say IN the toilet I said WITH the toilet. Also note that I’m not saying let him play with a dirty, filthy, germ infested toilet. I said, With. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’ll make sure the toilet is disinfected first. .e on! This is your child’s first experience with the toilet. He’s probably a little bit more than curious about it! You can tell him about the experience when he’s sixteen. Let him play with this as long as he’s not hurting anything. He’ll grow to feel like the toilet seat is a pretty cool thing until he has to clean it, of course. C. Open the toilet lid I am simply stating that sooner or later your very intelligent baby will figure out that the lid goes up. Hopefully he’ll be potty trained before it does. Again, the idea is for him to grow accustomed to the toilet. D. Tell the toddler he can use it The key to this part of the training is to let your child decide on his OWN whether he’s going to use it. Tell your toddler he can use it to see what his reaction is. He’s been placing things into containers. He’s been getting acquainted with the potty. Now, he should want to instinctively know how it works. It may help to buy an anatomically correct doll to show your toddler how to use the potty. The doll actually drinks water and wets. Buy one for you little one so you can show him the possibilities. E. Introduce the special chair Now is the time to give your toddler his own personal potty chair. Show your toddler that the chair belongs to him. I haven’t met a toddler yet who didn’t appreciate having a chair his own size. It builds his self esteem to have something all his own. F. No one else can touch it or use it! Stress to your toddler that this is his special chair. No one else in toy land can use it! Now’s the time for you to find a special place for it. There are two schools of thought on this. Some people want to keep a potty situated permanently in one room like the bathroom. Still other people believe the potty should be portable. G. Don’t urge the child to use it Don’t force your child to use the potty. Remember, this is his milestone. He is taking a giant leap from being a baby to being a full fledged toddler. Hey, once he uses the toilet, the only way he has to go up in life! It is important, almost crucial at this point in his life for you to give him the room to grow and make his own decisions. Give your toddler some room and he will surprise you by learning the skills quicker than if you would’ve forced the issue. Remember, he determines when he sits on it and if he uses it. It’s the ultimate in decision making for a toddler. I’m warning you. He’s less likely to have a bowel movement if you force the issue. H. Let the child feel in charge Toddlers’ need to gain independence and self reliance. This step in the ABC’s Toddlin’ Steps Guide helps him to achieve that. You have to stop trying to control your child’s every whim. Up to now, that’s all you’ve been doing. Now is the time for your child to start feeling more in control. Let him run some things in his own life. Or, at least I mean let him run potty time. He is the boss. Let him know it and potty training will be a whole heck of a lot easier for you. Show your toddler what to do and stand by to help if he needs it. But, let him decide when to do it. Let you toddler handle his business. It keeps the terrible two under control if he thinks he’s in control. I. Give your child options I think your child will use his instinct once he realizes that you are giving him options. Remember, you’re letting him determine the course of action regarding the potty, but he still needs to learn from you. Let him decides when he sits on the potty, but you’ll have to show him how to wipe himself dry. Let your child decide if he uses the potty. You show him how to use it! Keeping along with this same theme, let him decide what kind of training pants he’s going to wear for the day. Give the kid options. He’ll love you for it! That’s it! Follow the ABC’s Toddlin’ Steps Guide and you’ll be well on your way to success. This process will give your toddler the empowerment he needs to start training. Don’t get upset over setbacks. Good luck! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: