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The car low price Maoni, how much do you know? Welcome to the broad – Sohu auto test to bring you the car video, the following is the text part, thank you for your support! You run every day in the car for the city, whether it is a new car, used cars, parallel imported cars, the most commonly asked question is how much is this car? Since the frequency is so high, today we talk about how to buy a car when the price! Story: a second-hand car can be used to test the sea fishing job is to accept a client to vehicle, Amoy car, every day is around ~ saying one day received a customer invitation immediately went to Linghai, found a 2015 4 HSE, offer only 720 thousand! Too cheap, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! In the end, the customer has not laughed, riding a tall and strong from North six ring to kill the south city of victoria! Along the way, all are brave the wind and dew. These are not for the time being, just say to the sea test the company take a look, wow, this car is really in this place. Hey! The photo before the vehicle and as like as two peas, ask the price, the car dealers said nirvana is quoted 860 thousand drops, 720 thousand drops of the car in the south city of Victoria, the boss is very serious ~ then call to confirm, and then put the phone number for the sea trial, and then when they were once again confirmed, the phone said that this car the price is no problem! What are we going to go with it ~ halfway results to the telephone rang, this car really fresh, feel shy, just sold here we have 860 thousand ~.86.5 million.87 million HSE in 2015 found that 4 of all oh sea test flew back to Linghai, to call the customer of the car to see and the customer side ~ listening to the blood pressure after blood pressure soaring ~ phone burst table ~ the final answer is: return of the troops to the capital! Story two: parallel imported cars really cheap side? Parallel imported cars do have a lot cheaper than the norm, the configuration also has its own characteristics, but this is relatively cheap, not absolute. For example, the land cruiser in the middle of the current minimum with a minimum of more than and 20 cheaper than the domestic counterparts, this difference can be the largest difference between the two, but would like to mention the car at a lower price is unrealistic! For example, users find the test, please help you come up with 500 thousand parallel imports a car test. You ask if you want to buy what car test? Net friend reply: X6! The car is like in the above picture, 500 thousand is not possible with this budget, buy a second-hand X6 similar, of course, we also have to hope to all the Thai people, if everyone Tainu efforts will not grow to 150 thousand can buy the new car or maybe look ~ ~ this budget 2.0T four-wheel drive version are you going to buy is X4? After all, X6 and X4 are so long, long run or graceful ecstasy ~ too handsome, you may see hualeyan excited? The wrong word? (500 thousand, can be a ~ ~) too ideal price is unrealistic, because the parallel import car is not a strong wind blowing ~ story of the three: the low price of the parallel car相关的主题文章: