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The car will be carcinogenic gas importance of harmful substances of automotive interior cleaning and sanitizing tips to teach you to clean up the car every car has experienced the new stage, a new car should not only carefully, pay attention to vehicle running, there is another big problem with the owner, is the car smell. The new car has a peculiar smell not only when driving eyes, smell uncomfortable, but also great harm to the body, and even carcinogenic. Because all vehicle interior materials contain formaldehyde, or so, it is necessary to clear the car gas, today I will teach you a few tricks to clean the car. In the car leather, plastic, paint, glue, etc. will contain methanol, obviously, in the case of vehicle manufacturers do not replace the interior material, formaldehyde can not be completely eliminated. All we can do is try to dilute or disperse the formaldehyde out of the car. A method of gas and disperse car 1, car driving ventilation ventilation is the most poisonous car to disperse method is simple and convenient and affordable, we must cultivate the habit of open door and window ventilation before driving, driving a car can also be ventilated, have to disperse the gas, especially new and after sun exposure after the vehicle, the vehicle after exposure will make the interior exudes a lot of harmful substances. 2, activated carbon activated carbon adsorption of toxic substances in the air, when there is poison gas in the air, contact with the activated carbon will be adsorbed, played a role in purifying the air. Suggested that the owners can be activated in the car for a long time in the car. 3, the photocatalyst photocatalyst is a metal oxide coated on the interior, in the light of the function, can play a role in the degradation of interior harmful substances. Do a price of about 500 yuan, conditional owners can do on a regular basis. 4, the car is placed within the car air purifier car air purification is also one way to disperse the evolution of car gas reliable, but currently on the market variety, uneven, car air purifier suggested that the owners to buy big brands in the formal business. 5, regular cleaning and replacement of air conditioning filter element is the air into the interior of the vehicle door, can filter the dust and other impurities in the external air. For a long time, the air conditioning filter and air duct will breed a variety of bacteria and viruses, the body of the vehicle is harmful to the body, it is necessary to regularly clean the vehicle’s air conditioning filter and air duct. 6, to reduce the interior sun exposure will make the vehicle interior release of toxic gases, so we should reduce the chances of interior exposure, such as insulating glass film, with high quality parking parked in the underground garage, the car put reflective stickers etc.. Beb1337081d37759fc180b1a49.jpg two, disperse the car gas wrong 1, can not go to the grapefruit skin to smell poison many owners in the car, or put grapefruit peel, orange peel, decoration of the new house, that can remove formaldehyde etc.. In fact, these fruits are only covered with the taste of their own taste of formaldehyde, formaldehyde can not play a role. 2, vinegar can not sterilization detoxification we all know vinegar to a certain sterilization, put vinegar in the car to sterilize and remove odor, but not the removal of formaldehyde in the car. Summary: the smell of the car can easily lead to the attention of the owners, if the skin to get rid of the smell of grapefruit and so on, is.相关的主题文章: