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Sports-and-Recreation You don’t want to miss the ‘Big Game’ on Sunday! The Dallas Cowboys are all set to take on the Steelers. With the return of the Cowboys’ linebacker DeMarcus Ware and cornerback Adam Jones, Dallas Cowboys are looking strong for the first time and is a dual threat for the Steelers for the game on Sunday. Rookie Mike Jenkins’ hamstring injury counterbalanced Jones return from the six-game NFL suspension, which means Cowboy’s head coach Wade Phillips will have more corner flexibility with how he positions his corners in substitution packages. Jones would also return kickoff against the Steelers’ which would be an added bonus. Dallas Cowboy’s have been rotating kickoff returners all season because of injuries to Felix Jones (injured reserve; toe surgery) and Miles Austin (sprained knee). Wide receiver Isaiah Stanback had a great 58-yards kickoff return on Thanksgiving Day! Phillips suggested using both Jones and Stanback for Sundays’ game, though Stanback could be underplayed because of the team’s injury situation even thought the Dallas Cowboy’s have three other receivers in good physical shape. Jones has an excellent track record on kickoff returns; he averaged 26.2 yards on 43 returns against the Tennessee Titans and he had an average of 5 yards on 16 punt returns in the six games prior to his suspension. DeMarcus Ware well again Linebacker DeMarcus Ware declared himself fit and is all set to play the game on Sunday. After his practice on Thursday for the first time since his left knee injury, the Dallas Cowboy’s look confident with the return of their fine linebacker on Sunday. Though Ware had limited participation on Thursday, head coach Phillips said that he took most of the reps. It looks like Ware’s treatment has been going really well because he said, "the knee that got tweaked feels better than the knee that didn’t get tweaked". Ware will continue to wear a protective brace for Sunday’s game after he wore it for Thursday’s workout. He doesn’t seem to be too concerned about Heinz Field’s poor playing surface. A Healthy Ware’s .eback is important for the Dallas Cowboy’s to keep up their pass rush that has produced 18 sacks in the last four games. It’s a good opportunity for Ware to reach Michael Strahan’s single-season NFL record of 22 A^1/2. Ware is already half way through to match that record with 15.0 sacks to his credit. He just needs 7A^1/2 in the final four games. No Watkins on Sunday Yet another injury for the Dallas Cowboy disappoints its safety Pat Watkins. He is concerned that he wouldn’t be able to help his team to his best ability with the recurring neck stringer. He doesn’t believe it’s going to be a chronic problem though. The Cowboy’s most productive special team player’s had been kept out of Tuesday’s game as injury reserve. "They said I need rest and rehab", said Watkins. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: