The Fda Only Approves Toxic Medicines!!-candle june

Health Do you take prescriptions?? Did you know that all medicines, both over the counter drugs and prescriptions are FDA approved?? Do you know what it means for a drug to meet FDA approval?? For a drug to be FDA approved, they have to prove that it has an LD-50, or lethal dose half life. Well, what does that mean?? It means that half of the test subjects, such as rats; have to be able to be killed by a large enough dose at any one time. They figure out how large of a dose kills a rat and then they figure the amount that is safe for humans to take. SAFE?? Are you kidding me!! If medicines were safe, then they wouldn’t be toxic. Have you ever wondered why prescriptions have a list as long as your leg of possible side effects?? Ever taken a prescription that gave you a new symptom, such as a headache, upset stomach, blurred vision, constipation….etc.?? Or have you had to take another prescription because of the side effects the first prescription caused?? It is the toxic effect on your body that we might experience these various side effects. Our bodies were not meant to be able to handle these toxins and still remain optimally functional and healthy. Do you know what the prescription you are taking is made of?? A popular drug, Coumidin, which is a blood thinner, is made from rat poison. You have to sign a medical waiver to even be put on this drug. If you take Coumidin you are at risk of internally hemorrhaging and if you stop taking it, you are at risk of a stroke. It is like asking Coumindin users if they want to die by internally hemorrhaging or of a stroke. A hormone replacement drug, Premarin, is made from pregnant mare urine. It would not be easy to swallow these drugs knowing what they are made of. WHERE does the hair brain idea .e from that such things as rat poison and pregnant mare urine should be tested to see if a drug can be made from it?? Did you know that there has NEVER been any testing to see what the effects of multiple prescriptions in your body can cause?? It’s like reading the warning label on household cleaners and them telling you that mixing chemicals may cause dangerous toxic or even deadly fumes. So, chemicals should not be mixed and yet a lot of drugs are made from chemicals but they don’t know the effects of mixings these multiple chemicals in the drugs will do once they are inside your body. This is the reason people die from a mixer of medicines or of an accidental overdose, multiple chemicals from various prescriptions became deadly inside the body and it kills them. Don’t stop taking your prescriptions just because they are full of toxins, I still take some myself. I instead found a way to get rid of the toxins that were embedded into my cells, making by body healthier, then I didn’t need some of the prescriptions that I was on and it allowed me to reduce others. Toxins cause 95% of all disease and illnesses, so start with ridding your body of these deadly toxins first in an attempt to regain your health. Consult with your doctor and reduce or eliminate prescriptions as needed. I don’t trust knowing that the FDA owns the "CURE" word and yet every medicine that they approve is toxic, which over time, can and will cause other health problems. There is NO cure for cancer, diabetes, heart disease….etc. If you are given chemo as a cancer treatment, you are getting a modified version of Mustard Gas, what Sadam Hussain used to gas the Kurds; killing them. FDA approved medicines are nothing more than a band-aid to symptoms and do not cure the disease itself. Toxic medicines will not get to the root cause of your health problem. Removing toxins from your body may allow your body to heal itself at the cellular level. Angela About the Author: 相关的主题文章: