The First Step In Building A Website Is The

Web-Hosting The first step in building your business online is to select an available web domain, or web address, and purchase it. This the main topic of this article, but keep in mind the steps that will follow. Once you own your domain, you will need to host it somewhere. This is where all the files of your website will be stored. I then suggest installing a content management system like Joomla because it makes things much simpler. Instead of needing to create the design of your website from scratch, you can go online and download Joomla templates that have the functionality you are looking for. There are many different companies that offer domains and in one sense, it doesn’t matter where you purchase it. There are some advantages from one company to the next and the first one for me is convenience. We will discuss hosting your website later on, but if you have your domain registered with one company, and your hosting at another company, it just adds to the things you need to remember and an extra steps in building your business online. In most cases, the simpler you keep things, the better. Another factor is cost. Typically .com’s are the most expensive. They were the first public domain registration available. Later .net’s and a host of others came out. Honestly, it does not really matter what the suffix is. Websites with all suffix’s can be optimized to appear on the front page of Google. I repeat that you do not need a .com to be on Google. When choosing a domain name, the first suggestion is to select one that includes one of your most powerful keywords. This is also a topic for another discussion, but I will include an example. If your website was going to sell school supplies, and you were naming your business "The Student Center," the temptation would be to go for the domain The advantage to this domain, is that it’s your business name, and people will remember it. The better choice, however, for search engine optimization is Problem, I haven’t looked, but I would guess this domain is already taken. You then have a couple options. You could easily go after another suffix such as .info, .us or .ws. The next option is to add something to the domain such as S C for Student Center, as in I have not looked, but I would assume that this domain is available. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: