The Luxury Of A Maldives

Travel-and-Leisure Maldives holidays especially Maldives honeymoon are known all throughout the world. This island country .prising of twenty six atolls situated on the equator south west of Sri Lanka is famous the world over as a paradise destination. The soft sands and good weather beckon travelers to book Maldives packages and enjoy a saty in the islands. The powdery white sands of its beaches are truly spectacular. Untouched coral reefs support a bountiful exotic marine life, making snorkeling very exciting. Most resorts provide .plementary gear and even waterproof or underwater cameras for guests who forget to bring their own. Popular beaches are those on the Cocoa Island, Nika, Kuda Bandos Island, and Banyan Tree Island. The city of Male, the capital of Maldives, also has great beaches. Visitors should refrain from nudity and topless sunbathing as this is not allowed by the government and will offend the sensibilities of the locals. Another great activity to fill up your Maldives holidays is fishing. Night fishing in particular is popular among tourists. The star-filled skies and still waters provide great conditions for just relaxing and waiting for the fish to bite. While on a Maldives honeymoon couples can enjoy catching fish such as snappers, emperors, barracuda, and squirrelfish for the first time. For big-game fishing, arrange to have a boat take you to the outer atoll reefs during the morning. If you are truly interested in this, ask your travel operator to include this in your Maldives packages. Most resorts also have speedboat and fishing equipment for hire. When fishing, just be aware of the protected marine areas. Also, be sure to observe the fishing norms in the Maldives, as it is the major source of in.e of the locals. Whale and dolphin hunting is prohibited as well as using harpoon guns while fishing. Maldives is also one of the top and sought after surfing destinations. Most resorts offer lessons for beginners and rent out equipment for surfers of all all skill levels. Dhonveli Beach and Spa has access to two of the best surf breaks in North Male. Surfers also flock to Pasta Point and ride its long peeling left. Honkys has a long wrapping left, while Sultans has right waves with barrels. The best waves in the Maldives are said to be in Honkys. Average breaks are at 4 to 5 feet, rising to 8 to 10 feet during the surfing season of February to mid-November. The best waves .e in from March to May and September to November. Maldives holidays are not .plete without some sightseeing. Most Maldives packages include a sightseeing trip in the capital city of Male. Typical tour stops are at the National Museum where the personal belongings of the Sultan of Maldives and Thor Heyerdahls archeological discoveries are displayed. The golden decorative domes and beautiful minarets of the Grand Friday Mosque or Huskuru Miskyii are another famous attraction. This mosque also houses the tombs of the national heroes. Other historical monuments are the Mulee Aagee, which houses the tombs of the saints of the country, and the Presidential Palace. To wrap up the best Maldives honeymoon, end your stay by shopping in Male. You can choose among a wide array of garments, cosmetics, handicrafts, jewelry, perfumes, and other souvenirs on display. Popular shopping centers are Chaanhanee Magu and Majeedhee. You can also do your Duty Free shopping at the Male International Airport. If you are the type who wants to experience local flavor, go to the Local Market located on the northern waterfront, near the Male Fish Market. Local handicrafts and other goods are on sale there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: